Friday AM

This morning my new Gold Card came in the mail, because I have over a million bells in savings now.  Cool!  Except I don’t know what it does.  If anything.  It does look snazzy though.

I gave Ruby her precious danger shirt.  She was happy but gave me a crappy tea table.  

There was a new message on the board near Town Hall today.  Nook is upgrading his store to Nookington’s!  YES!  But unfortunately he decided to do this on the same day he had scheduled to do a 5x Points Special.  What a jerk lol!  That’s ok though, I’m more interested in getting a wide variety of products (and to see how Nookington’s will look without having Shampoodle in the back) so I’m excited!  January 3rd is the scheduled remodel date, so I’d better sell my turnips today if I want to get any money back!  I should go check the prices now.  

AM Turnip price is 71 bells.  Oh well, I’m going to sell my batch of 50 now, cuz I know I might forget later.  And who knows if the price will be any better in the PM.  I’d rather regret not selling it for more than regret not selling it at all, right?  😛

Pascal was located on the NEW bridge, the one next to the north bridge where he was usually found before.  Is this his new favorite hangout perhaps?  Why is he so obsessed with scallops anyway?  And why does he just float away, it’s so wierd!  I like taking pictures of him going over the waterfall.  Don’t hit your head!!


Pascal going over the edge!
Pascal going over the edge!



In passing, Curly mentioned something about a ‘light show in the sky’ again.  Is he talking about Northern Lights?  Because the last time someone said that, nothing happened.  Hmm….

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