Friday AM

No Northern Lights were spotted last night.  

Turnip price was 41 bells.  Is there no hope???  Maybe I should look for someone with a high price on ACC.

My neighbor Curly was hanging out in the Cafe at 10:45 AM.  Wierd!  I rarely see anyone in there.  I took a picture.


Curly in the Cafe
Curly in the Cafe



In the city it was cloudy, no shoeshine guy or Phinneas.  I got a girl’s haircut, (c-a-b) and it was horrible!  Good thing I have my mummy wrap to cover it all up lol!  I went to see Dr. Shrunk’s theater, and I learned Disappointment.  I dont really care about learning it but I want to see some new choices in the Marquee!  It’s been the same crap for a while now.  So I figured if I start watching all of them, maybe the emotions will change.

I also finally got around to adding everyone on my ACC list to my friend roster in the game.  Hopefully I’ll be able to play on wifi more now!  

That’s about it for the morning report.


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