First Post

(This is my first post so it’s going to be incomplete.)

Pascal was in town today.  He was seen at the north bridge, same place as last time.  Now I need to remember to pick up another scallop.  Pascal gave me a Ship Deck carpet.  

Turnip prices have been falling all week.  That sucks because I bought 70 turnips on Sunday, so I need a high price soon!  The PM price was 46 bells.

I made a perfect snowman today, and he gave me a Snowman Dresser.  That brings my total to four in the Snowman Series.  I need to remember to not make the snowman’s head too small or the body too big.  Keep it Simple!

Some of the neighbors in town mentioned that something was going to be happening in the night sky tonight.  I’m assuming this is the Northern Lights I’ve seen posts about on ACC.  I’ll try to get a picture if I see it!

I paid off $20K towards the final house loan.  Still waiting for the third bridge to be built, but since the vote didn’t start until yesterday, I probably have to wait until next Wednesday before it shows up.

And finally, I shot down another Flagpole from a red balloon today!  So I didn’t ruin my chances for a full Mario set after all.  I was worried that after I sold one by accident, I’d never find one again!

– Squirt

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