What’s Next?

This is a "calm" time for me right now, in terms of video games.  There's no HUGE title out there that I'm dying for, except for Pokémon Black and White 2, which doesn't even come out until June...  and if I want to understand anything in the game, the North American version isn't available until …

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Quick PGL Post

Hi all!  I don't have much time to write.  Been so busy juggling Pokémon Rumble Blast, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and three jobs that there's barely any time to blog.  However, I just wanted to jot this down.  Mostly for my own purposes but whatever.  It's about how to attempt to find your friends on …

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Pokémon Rumble Blast!

Well I am a happy little camper right now!  Yesterday I had a super fun day in the city - JDubs and I went to the Nintendo World Store [again!] to attend the pre-release event for Pokémon Rumble Blast!  I'm not going to lie - the event last week at Comic Con was cooler. The biggest …

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