Shaolin Town Map
Shaolin Town Map


  • STAY ON THE PATHS, AND NO RUNNING! There is a serious grass/snow disappearing issue in Shaolin caused by too much running around.  This is the most important rule and I take it seriously.  Do NOT step off the paths to pick fruit or inspect anything without permission!
  • DO NOT PICK UP ANY FOSSILS, GYROIDS OR PITFALL SEEDS! I use them to line my paths and they took a LONG time to set up.  If you need a certain fossil, please just ask me and I will find it for you.  Do NOT take fossils, gyroids or pitfall seeds without asking!
  • Feel free to pick weeds, fruit and flowers.  Just not the gold roses.  Or you will be EJECTED!!!
  • Everything in the sections by the gate labeled “FREE” and “DLC” are free to take or catalog.  If you need me to order something for you from my catalog, just let me know!
  • Please leave a message on the bulletin board during your stay if you had fun!

Keep off the grass... or else!
Keep off the grass... or else!

Failure to follow the above rules could result in being ejected from Shaolin, or even de-friended depending on the situation. Please be courteous!

Shaolin is an Animal Crossing: City Folk town.  Shaolin is located in the EASTERN Time Zone of the USA. It is inhabited by Squirt, Twinx, Dan and Deb, although I use Squirt most of the time because he was imported from my AC:WW DS game.

Shaolin Native Fruit: Apple – but you won’t find many in Shaolin.  There is only one Apple tree in the whole town.
Other fruit in Shaolin: Peaches, Cherries, Pears, Oranges, Coconuts

Nook’s Shaolin Store: Nook ‘N Go

18 thoughts on “AC:CF TOWN

  1. textdrivebys

    ahh i’m sorry i touched the japanese stuff!!!
    i should’ve read this first! thanks again for letting me visit, i love SHAOLIN!!!!!!

  2. :)))

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while. Just wanted to say that you’re lucky, you got such a wonderful town! I would do anything to have a town like that!

  3. Hana

    Hi Im new to ACCF and wanted to wifi sometime, I love your blog too its awesome! Here is my info:
    3009 2402 4553
    please add me!

  4. acnoldz

    Ahahaha funny pic XD

    Hey, I don’t know anywhere else to put this comment but… I love reading your website! I want more people to look at my blog too so please check mine out if you have time and tell me what you think. 😀 I also wanna add you to my Blogroll, is it OK if I do? Feel free to add me in your blogroll too 😀

    And I hope that we get to WiFi too sometime… Do you have ACC? If you do, we can exchange each other’s codes there and set up a meeting time for WiFi… 😀


    1. gluxbox

      HI!!! Of course you can add me to your Blogroll! I’ll add your blog to my list too! 😀 Yeah I’m on ACC, there’s a link to my ACC profile in the Welcome Center widget on the upper right side of my site! I hope we can WIFI sometime!

  5. Jay "FNG" (aka Theodore Wilfred Vermaas)

    Um…gluxbox? Here is my info in case you haven’t added me. I already added you. My name is Theo, my town name is Schiphol, and my friend code is 3739-4088-1613. Thanks. I hope to come visit you soon…whenever that is.

  6. Eowyn

    Thanx for leaving me a comment on my blog. I blogrolled you too! 🙂 I don’t have ACWW.. too bad 😦
    Love that you named your WW town around Hobbits. What did you change Pip & Merry to? Did you use Rosie?

    I thought of naming all my characters after the Rohirrim. Well of course with the exception of Cheyenne (my daughter) who wasn’t having it. lol I tried to even talk her into being Arwen or Galadriel. But my two mules I was going to name Théoden & Éomer. But I went with Pippin & Faramir. Faramir because it’s Eowyn’s sweetie and I wanted to give the house interior a “Gondor” vibe. I selected a hobbit because I wanted to make the house into the Green Dragon Inn & Pub.

    I too hope a horse moves in. I have yet to have one in my town yet. 😦 Ahhhh… what’s Rohan without horses? At least one for crying out loud! lol I also have an Eowyn fansite but I’m way overdue to update it. I need to get going on that. If you want to check it out… .

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  8. twinkles

    I’ve been reading your other blog (myacwwdiary (?))
    And I would love to visit your town..
    Here’s the important stuff:
    Townname: Twinleaf
    Name: Lisanne
    FC: 0948-3447-1117

    Hope to see you soon!

    1. gluxbox

      Hi thanks for the comment, but actually My ACWW Diary is not written by me. That blog is written by my friend Mayu! She is really awesome so I don’t blame you for wanting to visit her town lol!

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