Shaolin’s 2010 Mr. Snowman Snowslam!

Welcome to the Official Page for the 2010 Mr. Snowman Snowslam, sponsored by King Squirt of Shaolin!

The Winners have been decided!

Fourth Place:  Lainy and her Snowman – complete with a proclamation of “ME!”

Very cute, thanks for submitting!

Congratulations, Lainy!

Third Place:  Miki and her friend Jaimee melting a snowman the EASY way!

What a hilarious photo!  xD

Congratulations, Miki! おめでとう!

Second Place:  Grebo and the Lumpiest Snowman!

Surprisingly, this was the only ACCF entry!

Congratulations, Grebo!

First Place Photo:

Teru’s “Gentlemanly Snowman”!

Congratulations, Teru!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo!  I’m so glad there are others out there who enjoy making snowmen as much as me!  Please leave comments for the winners!  🙂

10 thoughts on “CONTEST

  1. Yay, congrats Teru, your snowman is really cute with the hat XDD

    Thanks for the fun gluxbox, I really enjoyed it, and hey, I’m third, wooooot!! 😀

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