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Here in Shaolin we do not condone cheating.  I believe that the game should be played day by day, just like real life.  No time traveling, hacking, or anything like that.  However, I do feel that in extreme circumstances, such as when Saharah is in town and you can’t seem to even get 3 old floorings or wallpapers from your neighbors, a little ‘assistance’ could be helpful.  Luckily there just happens to be a little glitch in AC:CF that allows you to make duplicates of items.  I will share these secrets with you, in hopes that you will use discretion and not start cloning things just to get rich and cheat at the game.  🙂

OK, I’ll be good.  So how do I get started?

Cloning requires a few things:

  • WiFi capabilities
  • A WiFi friend that you know and trust
  • Any item that you can you put in your pocket and then drop on the ground.  (No bugs, fish, or patterns!)

You need a friend that you can trust because they are going to help you in the cloning process.  You can’t do it alone, you MUST have an accomplice!  In order for the cloning to work, you both must know how the process is done.  I’m going to explain step-by-step what the visitor and the host player must do to pull this off.  The item to be cloned can either be in the visitor’s pocket, or in the host’s town.

What the Visitor must do:

  1. Enter the Host’s town.  If the Visitor has the item to be cloned, obviously they must have the item in their pockets when they come into the town.
  2. If the Host has the item to be cloned, the Visitor must pick it up and put it in their pocket.
  3. Once the Visitor is in the town with the item to be cloned in their pocket, they tell the Host to Save the game.  ONLY SAVE WHEN THE ITEM IS IN THE VISITOR’S POCKET!
  4. After the game is saved, the Visitor drops the item back on the ground in the Host’s town.
  5. The Visitor returns to the gate and speaks to Copper, telling him that they want to leave.  DO NOT EXIT IF THE ITEM IS STILL IN THE VISITOR’S POCKET! The item must remain behind in the Host’s town for the cloning process to work.
  6. Copper will begin the departure ‘procedures.’  As soon as Copper starts talking, the Visitor will continuously press the Home button on the Wii Remote, until the Home screen comes up.  (At first, you will get what I call the “No Home” symbol [the home button icon with a circle and a slash over it].  When Copper starts saying, “Well” the Home Menu will appear.)  The Visitor will choose Reset and restart their game.  Note: If, as the Visitor, you don’t Reset the game in time and your character runs through the gate properly, the cloning will NOT work.  You must time it right, and Reset the game before your character actually leaves the Host town!
  7. Because of the glitch in the WiFi feature of AC:CF, the Visitor’s game will start up using the Save that was done in the Host’s town, meaning that the Visitor’s last Save was when the item was still in their pocket.  Resetti will not show up because any game that is disconnected during a WiFi session will not trigger his appearance.  When the Visitor’s game restarts, the item will be back in the Visitor’s pocket.
  8. The Visitor returns to the Host’s town.  The item is now duplicated!  It is in the Host’s town, as well as the Visitor’s pocket.  Ta Da!

What the Host must do:

  1. Open the gates.  If the Host has the item to be cloned, bring it to the gate and drop it off there to save time.
  2. The Visitor enters the town.  If the Host had the item to be cloned, the Visitor will pick it up and put it in their pocket.
  3. The Host now Saves the game.  This is done by pointing at the Pen icon in the upper right corner of the screen, selecting it and then choosing Save.  (Don’t choose End the Party, that will boot your friend out of your town and you’ll have to start over!)
  4. Once the game is saved, the Visitor will drop the item back down at the gate and exit.
  5. The Host will keep the gate open so the Visitor can come back and verify that the process worked.  (If you have other means of communication, you can use that to confirm the cloning, therefore making this step unnecessary.)

Keep In Mind:

  • If another friend enters the town at any point in this process, it might screw up the Save.  This is because every time a new person enters a town, the game does an automatic Save.  It is safer to just have the Host re-do the Save after the extra person enters.  Have the Visitor pick up the item again, Save the game, and drop it again before attempting Visitor Step 5.
  • Make sure you clone with someone you trust!  Well, really you shouldn’t let anyone that you don’t trust in your town.  But especially with cloning, because if you allow a Visitor to pick up an item, you risk the chance that they just pick it up and leave, robbing you of your item!  That would suck!
  • Don’t forget – Bugs and Fish cannot be cloned!

I hope this guide wasn’t too confusing.  If anything needs to be explained better, please leave a comment and ask any questions you might have!  I’m here to help you guys!  🙂

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