Here are all the Nintendo Friend Codes for my games!  I’ll update this list as more games come out.  If you want to add me, be sure to email me with your Friend Code so I can add you in my game as well… otherwise it won’t work!

  • Nintendo Network ID (Wii U):  gluxbox
  • Wii FC:  0434-9662-8341-5227
  • 3DS FC:  3007-8168-3219
  • JP 3DS:  0619-3394-8110
  • ACCF:  4296-6486-1812
  • ACWW:  3953-6655-4658
  • MK Wii:  2492-4808-7309
  • SSBB:  0946-2244-9866
  • PK Platinum:  5242-0914-1155
  • PK HeartGold:  5113-5638-9070
  • PBR:  0947-9162-5959
  • PK Black:  1936-2423-0204
  • PK White:  0905-2127-0255
  • PK White 2 (JP):  3912-3780-2694

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