#GluxCon Week 1

Hey everyone! I am so pumped to announce the first-ever #GluxCon!

I’m not about to skip out on the fun of a convention just because of coronavirus! I came up with a socially distant alternative, a Home Con created by yours truly, filled with events that I love doing when I’m at a convention.

#GluxCon will be the theme of the Gluxbox Twitch channel every Saturday night during the month of SUBtember! Each stream will start around 8:30pm EST. Every Saturday there will also be a GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned to my Twitter for the latest giveaway links!

This week’s giveaway is a prize pack for gamers who love to wear their fandom. Check out this teaser pic that I took:

GluxCon Giveaway Prize Pack for Week 1

Enter the GluxCon Week 1 Giveaway Here: https://playr.gg/gluxbox/gluxcon-week1

Other events for #GluxCon Week 1 include Nintendo Switch game demos, a vendor spotlight, and a panel about how to host your own #HomeCon!

I hope you will join in on the fun each Saturday this month!

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