Danaeryzard & Alaria: The Final Battle (Part 1)

It’s Dungeons and Dragons time! Here’s the latest installment of the epic journey of our heroines, Danaeryzard and Alaria! (If you’re new here, check out the entire saga in order by reading the chapters organized on the D&D tab of this site!)


The fate of the entire realm was at stake.

Mount Blaze

Danaeryzard, Alaria and the rest of the elite party had just defeated the Chain Devil, but they were still badly wounded. Many miles below, at the foot of Mount Blaze, the evil Sun Wizard’s army continued to hold off the army brought in from Castle Drachen and the Midnight Ring. If this war was ever going to end, it would be up to Dany, Alaria and the elite battle team up in the Crystal Temple.

This fight will take every ounce of strength within them to win. Drex, the leader of the Midnight Ring and the elite party, reached into her bag of holding and produced glass flasks filled with potions that shimmered with a golden green hue.

“What are those?” asked Dany, always a fan of shiny things, even in the heat of battle.

“Special potion from the Midnight Ring, crafted through the generations by our mages. Perfect for dire situations like this,” Drex replied as she passed them around to Hendricks, Bikira, Ezra, Dany and Alaria. They all drank up without hesitation, and suddenly Hendricks’ eyes lit up with energy.

“A long rest potion?!” he said with amazement. “You’ve got to give me the recipe for that one.”

“Probably not…” Drex replied with a wink. Just because they were now allies didn’t mean that she intended to hand over all of the secrets of the Midnight Ring to Castle Drachen’s army! “It costs more than this entire operation to produce.”

Crystal Temple

As she spoke, the party felt invigorated and their wounds were magically on the mend. With heightened senses, they noticed the blue light emanating from deep within the Crystal Temple begin to pulse and grow brighter. The light started spreading like veins of a leaf along the crystal slab walls of the chamber.

Drex immediately tensed up. “The Sun Wizard must have started the ceremony. They are doing the spell – we need to move NOW!”

The party grabbed their weapons and with renewed energy, stormed forward into the main chamber, where they all stopped suddenly to take in the sheer size of the enormous space and what was going on inside.

There were large clusters of Lake Crystals in the far corners of the main chamber, and the Sun Wizard was using them to contain himself in a protective orb of light that was hovering 20 feet up in the air. It was quite a sight to behold, but the party needed to act fast. Two powerful Dragonborn soldiers were also in the chamber, each stationed next to a cluster of crystals, where they were amplifying their strength. Dany instantly recognized one soldier as a Blue Draconian and the other a Gold Draconian like herself. That meant two types of attacks – fire and electric. The two Dragonborn immediately stared down Dany with glares.

Gold Draconian

“Disgusting to see a Dragonborn fighting among their ranks,” said the Gold Draconian to the Blue Draconian across the room in their native Draconic tongue. The rest of the party didn’t understand the language, but Dany did. They were trying to intimidate her in classic Dragonborn fashion, by bullying.

“Befriending Orcs though,” the Blue Draconian chuckled back to his comrade. “That was unexpected of them. I wonder if that benefits their army, or merely dumbs them down?” They both had a good laugh at that.

Dany whispered to her party what the Dragonborn fighers were saying, and identified which power each of them had from their bloodline.

The Gold Draconian called directly to Danaeryzard, “Our Lord knows which races are superior. You could join us.”

Blue Draconian

“Yes, become a member of the New Age. Submit to the Sun Wizard and you will be spared,” the Blue Draconian chimed in.

Dany felt her scales harden defensively, but she stood her ground and glared back at the Gold Draconian, since he looked the most like the kinsmen she despised.

“Never!” she spat back in Draconic.

The Dragonbloods shook their heads knowingly, having expected that answer.

“Pointless. She’s brainwashed,” the Blue Draconian said, rolling his eyes.

“You’re right. But he asked us to be noble and at least give the Dragonborn a chance. Well, we tried… Only one option left now,” the Gold Draconian replied with a wink.

“Enough of this Dragon-speech! Let us speak with our swords!” Hendricks said with a huff, pushing forward towards the Dragonborn foes with his broadsword readied for battle. The rest of the elite party spread out and prepared to attack. Dany grabbed her orb and warned her team to cover their ears, unleashing a blasting Shatter spell in the direction of the Gold Draconian. Unfortunately, he was able to brace for impact as well, and only took half damage from the attack. But Dany knew that the crystals needed to be destroyed as well, and Shatter was effective for that purpose. Some of the crystal slabs behind the Gold Draconian were already starting to crack.

Bikira and Ezra targeted the Blue Draconian with their sharp arrows and he scowled in pain. Both Dragonborn foes reached for nearby crystal slabs and began charging up strong magic attacks. Suddenly Dany realized that the Blue Draconian was grinning at her, and before she could react, a bolt of energy exploded from the crystal and transformed into a cloud of daggers all around her! They began to stab at her over and over as she rushed to escape.

Alaria jumped into action, shooting at the Blue Draconian with one of her piercing arrows that made its way all the way through the Dragonborn enemy and hit the crystal slab behind him as well. With more cracks in the crystal, their magic would diminish!

Drex’s eyes filled with dark intensity as she made her way to the center of the room with her focus locked on the Sun Wizard floating in his protective orb.

“This ends now,” Drex said quietly, closing her eyes. When they opened once more, they were filled with blackness and she put her hands up before her. Dany recognized the impending Shatter spell, but knew this would be much stronger. With a thunderclap wave, the spell was cast – but the Sun Wizard’s protective orb emitted a defensive energy pulse which whipped the spell’s attack back towards the party, causing major damage to them all. Dany crumpled to the ground, unable to go on.

Hendricks became enraged and ran straight for the Blue Draconian with his sword outstretched, echoing a battle cry across the chamber. Bikira rushed to Dany’s side and pulled her to a safer location, off to the side so that she could revive her. The Gold Draconian, seeing this opening, flashed a beam of light at Ezra and madness began to grow in her eyes.

Danaeryzard finally opened her eyes and weakly offered a Dragonborn talon hand-shake to Bikira in thanks.

“Conserve your strength,” Bikira said with a smile. Since she was focused on Dany, Bikira didn’t see that Ezra was running to attack them! Ezra was still under the madness spell, and Bikira took more damage. Dany quickly took a potion to restore some energy so she could return to the battle.

Drex, Alaria and Hendricks continued to fight the Dragonborn foes, taking time to smash as many crystal slabs as they could along the way. Bikira pushed Ezra away and she began to blink and regain her senses. Now that Ezra was no longer a threat, Bikira grabbed her bow and started shooting arrows at the Golden Draconian.

Ezra shook her head, finally thinking clearly again. “Sorry about that!” she said to Bikira, joining her in shooting the Gold Draconian with her arrows. His golden scales appeared to shudder and he fell to his knees, coughing up blood. The Blue Draconian had been holding onto a crystal slab and charged up a new attack spell, which he unleashed at Alaria. She staggered back, temporarily blinded. When she was able to see again, an evil demon had appeared before her. It grinned at her and slashed her with a dagger. Alaria responded by shooting more crystal slabs in the chamber, and they continued to crumble.

Drex cast an acidic green beam of light at the Golden Draconian, trying to finish him off, but the attack failed. He stared her down and began to laugh.

“You will never stop him. You are just… NOTHING!!” The Gold Draconian bellowed, pointing his spear at Drex. A fireball shot out of the spear, hitting Drex directly in the chest, and causing some damage to Alaria as well. When the flames and smoke dissipated, the party saw that Drex had fallen to the ground, unable to be revived. Her lifeless body was charred and Ezra screamed out in horror.

The Gold Draconian, still bent over and coughing up blood, threw his head back and began to laugh.

“Look at your great leader now!”


And so ends the latest installment of our DnD adventures! Thanks for reading! I hope you like this ongoing storyline lol! If you play Dungeons and Dragons too, let’s hear about your character in the comments! 🙂

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