SUBtember Gluxbox Giveaway!

Amazing news! I just reached Twitch Affiliate status on the Gluxbox Twitch channel! Even better news – I did it just in time for Twitch’s SUBtember promotion! That means that anyone who wants to subscribe to the Gluxbox Twitch channel can do so for half price – that’s less than $3 to subscribe for a month! All proceeds from my Twitch channel will go towards new games, new cosplay outfits and tech upgrades to my stream.

What better way to celebrate SUBtember than with a GLUXBOX GIVEAWAY?

Everyone who subscribes to the Gluxbox Twitch Channel is automatically entered to win the SUBtember #GluxboxGiveaway! All you have to do is subscribe to my channel (you can use your Amazon Prime FREE Twitch subscription if you’d like!) and at the end of the month, I will use a random number generator to determine the winner!

Please note that “Following” on Twitch and “Subscribing” are two different things. A Twitch Subscription is a paid subscription for a single month of ad-free viewing, special subscriber badges, plus special emotes and other goodies coming soon!

Contest Rules

How to Enter: Subscribe to the Gluxbox Twitch Channel by 9/30/19. (Please note that the SUBtember half price promotion ends 9/24/19.)

Prize: 1 Super Mario Coffee Mug, 1 Super Mario Mini Question Block Light, 1 $20 Gift Card and other Super Mario/Nintendo themed swag!

Shipping: Shipping within the US/Canada is free. If you are an international fan, I may need you to cover the shipping costs, but we can discuss that after you’ve won!

Contest End: Winner will be selected by Random Number Generator (provided by Google) on or after 9/30/19. I will reach out to the winner via whatever contact information they have provided on their Twitch channel, or by DM if we are already contacts.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Gluxbox Twitch Channel to enter! Good luck!!

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