Beauty Blog: The Influenster Violet Vox Box

It’s official, I’ve tried every single product in my Influenster #VioletVoxBox!  Let’s take a look back at all the cool products I was able to try, compliments of several cool companies and of course, Influenster.

Here’s my unboxing video from the Violet Vox Box, to get you started:

I’m going to give a quick overview of all of the products from my Violet Vox Box, in the order of my preference, from most to least!

#1: Goody Athletique Head Wrap

Topping off the list as my MOST FAVORITE item in the Violet Vox Box is the Goody Athletique Head Wrap.  This is an adjustable, moisture wicking fabric head band that is ideal for every day use, from working out to just hanging out!  I really liked wearing this, and took several selfies:

Me wearing the Goody Athletique Head Wrap while playing Wii Fit U in Mirror Mode!
Wearing the Goody Athletique Head Wrap with my signature pigtail braids!

If that wasn’t enthusiastic enough for you, I made a video review, even though Influenster didn’t ask me to!  How’s that for extra credit?

#2: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

My second favorite item from the Violet Vox Box was NYM’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, which was in a cute little travel size.  (Totally picking up a fresh canister for my next road trip!)  I recently blogged about this product, so take a look if you haven’t already.  Dry shampoo in general is a great way to keep your hair fresh without washing, and NYM’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo has a nice fresh scent.  Here’s my NYM Selfie:

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

#3: Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa

I loved the theme of the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa challenge, which was “My Perfect MJ At Home Spa Day.”  They encouraged us to make Pinterest boards showing off our favorite at home spa ideas.  Who wouldn’t love treating themselves to day spa right in their own home?  When I finally tried out the mask, I was very impressed!  It smells great, and it was so much easier to apply than a regular mud mask.  If only I had used some cucumbers for my eyes!  Check out this video review I made for the MJ Clay Spa mask:


When Influenster sends me a snack, I get really excited!  I would love to do food reviews more often.  I’d never tried Soy Joy before, so I was excited to give this a shot.  The flavor I received was cranberry, and it had big chunks of cranberry in the bar!  It was chewy and tasted light, so definitely a good option for a post-workout snack.  The only reason I am rating the Soy Joy so low on my list is because it was smaller than I thought it would be, based on the packaging.  It was also kind of dry, but I did read on the wrapper that you could microwave it.  I didn’t actually try to heat it up, but I wonder if that would have made it less dry?  Maybe I’ll have to buy a box and find out!

Enjoying my Soy Joy with my Pikachu XL!

#5: Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Technically there was nothing wrong with this nail polish.  It was very fun to try out, and I enjoyed writing a little blog about my “Shining Moment,” which Sally Hansen encouraged us to do.  The polish dried much quicker than I expected, and it had a very nice shine that reflected light.  However, the shade that they provided was totally wrong for me.  I would only wear a light pink/nude nail polish if I was getting a french manicure, and even then, this particular color (Pixie Slicks) was just too “baby pink” for me.  I would definitely have preferred something in a deep red or maybe a violet (HELLO, it was in the Violet Vox Box for heaven’s sake!!) hue, since that goes better with my skin tone.  What I’m trying to say is that I’d definitely use this nail polish regularly… if only it were in a different color.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine – great polish, but the color isn’t for me.

All of these products were provided to me for free, courtesy of  If you’d like to join Influenster Nation and earn chances to review products like these, please send me your email address for an invitation.  You can email me, leave your email address in the comments section, or simply send me a DM on Twitter (you can reach me at @gluxbox) and I’d be happy to get you started!

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