Starting 2013 Off Right!

Happy New Year Everybody!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.  I got some amazing gifts, including a 2TB Hard Drive for my Wii U, a bunch of games… oh yeah and a nice new HD TV! So I was a happy girl.  Did you get anything cool for the holidays?

2013 has started off with a BANG!  Earlier today, there was a Nintendo Direct video which was broadcast to all regions, and it was all about the new POKEMON GAME!

Iwata himself announced that the newest Pokemon installment was going to be 3DS exclusive, and is called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!

It appears that the new game is set in either France or just Europe in general.  I think the new starters are SO CUTE!  Especially Chespin.  I love his little green hat thing!!  It’s awesome that this game is going to be entirely in 3D – FINALLY!  Of course, this was just a brief video so speculation is going rampant.  How many Pokemon will be in this new generation?  Will Pokedex 3D Pro have a free update to include all the new names and faces?  What do the evolutions of the starters look like?  How will the PGL change?  Is Dream Radar going to be compatible with this game?  When will we find out more info???

I have to say, there has been some mixed feedback from what I’ve read on Facebook.  Some people don’t like the art style (I happen to love it!).  Some people are mad that the announcement wasn’t for a Ruby/Sapphire remake.  Seriously, what’s with all these people wanting remakes??  I think it’s better to release new stuff than rehash old games.  But maybe that’s just me.

Personally, my only complaint is that we REALLY needed a new Colosseum type of game, similar to Pokemon Battle Revolutions, but with Gen V (or I guess, Gen VI now) Pokemon included.  Or better yet, a new installment of the WiiWare game My Pokemon Ranch, which I found to be extremely useful for storing my excess Pokemon.  I really could use some more storage space!

Regardless, I am very excited for the new game, and I think it’s great that Nintendo has decided to release the game in ALL regions at the same time.  It’s only fair.  No more of this “Japan gets everything first” nonsense!  🙂

In other news, I am 98% sure to have a BIG announcement coming VERY soon.  It rhymes with “Shmanimal Shmossing SHnew Shleaf.”  It is extremely likely that I will be getting my hands on a Japanese 3DS, which will enable me to play a CERTAIN game!  Yes, it’s true that I won’t understand anything that’s going on.  Does that matter?  Nope!  Stay tuned!  😀

2 thoughts on “Starting 2013 Off Right!

  1. I just managed to catch the Nintendo Direct as Iwata was announcing it, from my new iPhone 5 🙂 It looks awesome! I’m anxious to see how the worldwide release will go. It’s definintely going to be BIG!! I’m also anxiously (trying to stay patient too) awaiting the AC:NL announcement as well. Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas too 🙂

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