Today we’re talking about Myst for 3DS.  And yes, it’s that bad.

I have a GameFly subscription and I’ve finally gotten back in the routine of actually using the service to send me games I was curious about.  (Earlier this year I was stupidly sitting on one title for several months.  What a waste.  But I digress…)  I saw that the classic PC game Myst was available on the 3DS.  I thought, “Hmm… that could be pretty cool!”


Here’s the review of the game that I just posted on GameFly.com:

Wow. I had no idea a 3DS game could be this bad. I love my 3DS and most of the games I’ve played on it. Also, I used to love Myst, I had it for my PC back in the day and thought it was mind-blowing. I’d played the DS version and got further than I ever had before.

However, the 3DS port is the most disappointing game I’ve ever played. The graphics are HORRIBLE. It’s completely compressed and pixelated. And let’s not ignore the HUGE blunder that the game is NOT IN 3D!! Why bother??

In the DS version, you could use the touch-screen to navigate through the game environment. In the 3DS version, they also took that away, instead you have to use the Control Stick to move a cursor finger around on the top screen.

Do NOT waste your time. It’s horrible.

This game was like, offensively bad.  They didn’t even try.  The graphics are by far the WORST I’ve ever seen on the 3DS console.  Now, I know this is a ‘tough’ game, it’s very cryptic and solitary.  But I’ve played the old PC version and thought it was amazing.  The 3DS version of Myst is a disgrace to the franchise.  I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that they released this as a 3DS game, but it’s not in 3D and does not make use of ANY of the 3DS console’s features.

Words do not fully express how bad this game is.  I’m still in shock.  Luckily I rented this game, and I promptly packed it back up and dropped it in the mailbox this morning.  Here’s hoping I get a better game next!  Does anyone have a 3DS or Wii U game to recommend?  🙂

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