Let’s go back in time.  Think back to 6AM on Saturday, October 6th.  What were you doing then?  Sleeping, blissfully… dreaming of the upcoming Black & White 2 release the following day.  What was I doing?  Boarding a train on the Long Island Rail Road to get to the city and start waiting in line at Nintendo World!  Why was I doing this?  Well, Nintendo World was holding an EXCLUSIVE Launch Event where they were selling copies of the new Pokemon games a day before the rest of North America could get their hands on it.  So of course JDubz and I had to get the games a day early!  Plus, the rumor of a free gift or two certainly inspired us to be out in the city at such an early hour.

We didn’t get there a moment too soon, as there was already a huge line and the NYPD was all set up as they anticipated the line going all the way down the block and around the corner.  Everyone on line was either playing StreetPass Mii Plaza or Pokemon Black and White as we waited patiently for the store to open and let us in to give Nintendo all our money!!  Here’s a professional photo of the line we were waiting on.  You can actually SEE me and JDubz in the line…  well, I’m mostly cut off (but do you see the yellow Pikachu hat w/pointy ears??  Thats me!) and JDubz is clearly visible with his very long beard and blue cap!

Pokemon Launch Event at Nintendo World

If you’d like to see the other professional photos that were posted from this event (since I umm neglected to really take any decent photos at this Launch Event) please check out the article on Go Nintendo!

Luckily we made it into the store sometime around 11am and were able to get our hands on both copies (Black 2 and White 2… yeah I bought both lol) as well as the beautiful hardcover Collector’s Edition Guide and we also got a TON of swag!  The only majorly exclusive item that I couldn’t get duplicates of was the knit Pokemon Scarf!  IT’S ONLY MINE!!!  But here’s the rest of the swag we got at the Launch Event.  Be jealous!

Pokemon Swag
Pokemon Swag

So that pretty much covers the Launch Event.  There were other things going on that day, such as a photo op with Pokemon Starters and some battling and whatnot with Pokemon DS NYC, but honestly we were so tired from getting up super early and waiting on line for hours that we ended up just going home.  We’re lame, whatever!  lol

The following weekend was REALLY AWESOME!  It was my first time ever attending New York Comic Con… and they sure didn’t disappoint!  I will now go into “Photolog” mode and just describe what’s going on in each photo as I go along.


Javits Center Lobby
Javits Center Lobby

Here you can see the Javits Center quickly filling up with attendees.  This was only the main lobby… the Show Floor was MUCH more jam-packed with people, if you can imagine that!

The Wii U Booth

Obviously one of the first booths we went to was the Nintendo Wii U booth.  They had a ton of consoles set up so everyone could get a chance to play!  Luckily we were there early… by the end of Comic Con this booth was so full of people, you’d have to wait on line forever!

JDubz playing Wii U

Here is a photo of JDubz trying out the Tekken Tag Tournament game.  I thought it was weird that he was looking at the small screen the whole time he was playing.  I guess we all have to adjust to the new controller in our own way!  Personally, I tried out the game Tank Tank Tank! which was a LOT of fun.  I didn’t look at the GamePad even once while I was playing.  It was a very sleek and light controller, and a bit wider than I expected it to be, but still quite comfy in my hands.  Can’t wait to get my own Wii U next month!  😀

Meeting up with our Pokemon DS NYC friends!

Another big highlight on Friday was meeting up with our friends at Pokemon DS NYC.  These guys are always a blast and full of information!  One thing I learned that day was regarding the new 3DS game Pokemon Dream Radar.  Did you know that after you beat the main game in Dream Radar (i.e. after you catch Landorus) you can unlock legendaries from OLDER games as well?  All you have to do is start up Dream Radar while having an older-gen Pokemon game in your card slot (HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond or Pearl) you can catch the main legendary from THAT game as well?  They can be tricky to catch, so I hear… but it’s worth it!  Don’t forget, the legendary Pokemon will have a hidden ability if it comes from Dream Radar!

Cosplayer as Gym Leader Elesa

Sorry this pic came out blurry.  I never said I was a photographer!  But here’s just a tiny sample of all the Pokemon cosplayers we saw at NYCC.  This girl was dressed up as Gym Leader Elesa.  Her costume was so good, people kept stopping her and begging her to pose for a photo.  I almost felt bad for her – sometimes people need to leave the cosplayers alone so they can enjoy the convention too!  Or maybe by having an awesome cosplay outfit… they are asking for it?  lol


Giant Inflatable Pikachu!

The main event on Saturday [for me] was the Pokemon Black and White 2 Launch Celebration!  Not only were they hyping the new games, but they also had a WIFI setup to download Genesect, they also had a demo station for Pokedex 3D Pro!  Not to mention a big stage where they were hosting a concert by I Fight Dragons (yeah we skipped that part tho lol) and a Freeze Dance competition (they gave away a 3DS to the winner!).  Other perks were a VIP Lounge (only a select few of us got the special wristbands to get into the VIP area.  Not much was up there tho, aside from free snacks and a better view!), trivia games and swag giveaways!

Pikachu and Me!

Of course, the biggest highlight of the event for a Pikachu Fangirl like me was getting to take a special photo with my favorite Pokemon… PIKACHU!  You can see I’m wearing my Pikachu hat, holding a Pikachu doll… what you can’t see was my Pikachu t-shirt, Pikachu dog-tag necklace from 1998 and my Pokemon Scarf!  Yeah I was hardcore.  😛


Bumble Bee from Transformers

Sunday was a shorter day.  It was “Kids Day” which means lots of screaming children and we weren’t planning on spending the entire day there.  So we basically wanted to do catch-up and make sure to see anything we might have skipped on the first two days of the Con.  Luckily, right when we walked in we saw a HUGE, Chevy-sponsored Bumble Bee guy waving to fans and making squeaking sounds.  It looked so legit!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Honestly I didn’t know who this was, but JDubz did.  And apparently “Hacksaw” recognized me, as he called out “Pikachu!” to me as we walked by.  Who knew that an old wrestler knows who Pikachu is?  Anyway, he was nice enough to pose for a blurry photo.  Thanks Hacksaw!

Usually you have to EARN Gym Badges, but at NYCC they are like $25 lol

OMG I can’t write a post about Comic Con without talking about the SHOPPING.  Holy Crap!  If you didn’t know, one of the biggest areas of Comic Con is the Show Floor, which is basically a huge NERD MARKETPLACE.  You can’t haggle, you can only beg and plead while trying not to get trampled by the masses of people stuffed into this area trying to buy everything they can find.  There was so much cute Pokemon stuff, retro comics, costumes, LARPing people, canvas and print art… omg the list goes on and on.  We picked up some really cute Unova Gym Badge pin sets.  If you’re interested, you can find this company Sanshee online and buy gym badges for yourself online.

OK obviously we did a lot more and saw a lot more than what I’ve posted here.  If you want to see ALL of my pics from NYCC, please visit my Flickr page.  Phew!  That was a lot of writing.  Done for now!  🙂


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