NSMB2 & Nintendo Direct

*beep beep b-beep!  beep beep b-beep!*


I’m very excited to announce that last weekend, I beat the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game!  I’m so proud!  I’ve never beaten a Mario game on my own like this before, and while it was challenging, it wasn’t TOO hard so I didn’t get frustrated (which is usually what happened with me and other Mario games in the past) and I was able to show Bowser who’s boss!  And I didn’t even have to recruit JDubz [that much] to help me beat the game.


While the story mode might be “complete” I still have to collect all the Star and Moon coins, and unlock all the cannon and special stages.  So I’m still playing all the time.  Does anyone else play this game?  How many coins do you have?  I think I’m hovering in the range of 68,000 coins collected.  I know one guy who has over 500K already… so yeah there’s still a lot of work to be done!  Coin Rush certainly helps in that respect.

I have to say, this game is one of my favorite Super Mario games and one of my favorite 3DS games in general.  The 3D effect looks so cool in the side-scrolling platformer style.  While Super Mario 3D Land is cool, since you can explore the entire ‘world’, I like the simplicity of having a general idea of where I’m supposed to be heading (to the right!) and how to get there.  I think the new Power Ups in NSMB2 are MUCH cooler, such as the golden flower and the golden brick block.  Plus I have to throw in the fact that the background goal of collecting as many coins as possible makes it easier to collect extra lives.  (Currently I have over 330 lives without doing a single “cheat”!)

In other news, this morning (or rather, this evening, since this is from Japan) there was a new Nintendo Direct video… in Japanese.  That’s ok, it still showed some cool stuff and I wanna share it with you!

25th Anniversary Kirby Merch!

I’m not going to cover everything from the 45+ min presentation, just the two things I thought were majorly cool.  The first being that Iwata was holding a giant Kirby beach ball, and proceeded to show other cool merchandise to celebrate Kirby’s 25th Anniversary.  Now the question I have to ask is… will all this sweet Kirby stuff be available in the USA, or only in Japan?  And if it is coming stateside, is this the kinda stuff you’d find at Toys R Us, or do I have to go to Nintendo World to get exclusive Kirby merch?  Unfortunately I have no idea who has the answer to these questions lol.

And finally…  NEW ANIMAL CROSSING 3DS FOOTAGE!  Also, before you get your hopes up, a release date was only announced for Japan so far.  The JP release date is 11/8/2012.  *begin praying for a US announcement of the same date* (yeahh… I wish!)  Obviously I didn’t understand what Iwata was saying, but here’s some screenshots of the Animal Crossing presentation and what I’ve decided is going on in the pictures lol!

Another look into the Mayor’s office. I see a bonsai tree and some medals?
How to Buy a Bridge! (I am scared of those prices tho! lol)
Does this look familiar? It seems that the old Lost and Found building from ACGC is making a comeback!  Booker works here… what happened to Copper tho?
New Flower Shop! Apparently as the mayor, you can change the store hours so you can shop at night? Not sure. Vella, can you help me translate the word in this photo? 😛
Photo Ops! This makes me hope and pray that screenshots will be a function in the new AC3DS game.
New House Designs. This just looks so much cooler than the houses in our current games!
Another look at the two new Alpaca characters that will run a boutique. So cute!!
A new way to share custom designs – QR Codes! Cool!

OK that’s all the info I’ve got about AC3DS for now.  Hopefully since the release date for Japan is so soon, this means more info will be available as the date gets closer.  And then when the game actually comes out, we’ll have plenty to be jealous about until the game becomes available to the US!  lol

2 thoughts on “NSMB2 & Nintendo Direct

  1. I always get even more super excited about Animal Crossing after I see new screenshots and trailers. This game is looking more and more awesome! I just love all the customizations especially the houses! And the photo ops are just too cute too! The QR codes for fashion design seem very fitting too. I’m not that creative with my fashion designs so trading patters with someone else this way is a great idea! Did you see on NOA’s Twitter they announced Animal Crossing will be released in the first half of 2013. I also heard a rumor (not from Nintendo) that there will be another Nintendo Direct in the near future dedicated to Animal Crossing, maybe closer to the Japanese release. But again, this is a rumor!

    I think all the Kirby stuff was adorable! I hope it’s something that will be available worldwide.

    I love the NSMB2 too! I’m definitely not as far as you though, still working my way through World 2 with just over 5,000 coins (I know, not that impressive)! But it is fun and I the new power ups are definintely sweet!! Good to know the game isn’t “over” once you beat Bowser. I like that you can continue to play a game and not just toss to the side when you beat it.

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