I Like My Fun in Size XL!

When my boyfriend JDubz got a DSi XL for his birthday earlier this year, I had to really stifle my jealousy.  When the XL first came out, I wasn’t that interested…  so what if it’s a bigger size?  But seeing it in person and holding it my hands made me change my opinion.  The larger size is much easier on the eyes, makes the game come to life a bit more, and I love things that are extra large!  Mmm… extra large fries… lol jk!

Anyway, when I heard about the 3DS XL, I resolved that this time around I’d actually invest in the larger model console.  This motivated me to pick up a freelance logo design project so I’d have the funding for the $199.99 machine.  Yesterday, JDubz and I went to GameStop to preorder the 3DS XL and the New Super Mario Bros. 2!  I ordered a Blue model.


I really wish we had the cooler color options that are available in Japan and Europe, but what can ya do?  I think the new console is going to have a lot of improvements on it’s predecessor.  Specifically:

  • The hinge.  For some reason, the original 3DS reverted back to the same snap-happy hinges that were on the DS Lite.  My first DS Lite has a huge crack in the hinge, which shows that the hinge technology was sub-par.  The new 3DS XL will have the improved hinge that you can find on the current DSi and DSi XL.  (Why they didn’t use this hinge technology on the 3DS in the first place is beyond me.)
  • The C-Stick.  Not sure if that’s the “official term” for this part, but that’s what I call it, anyway.  I started noticing on my 3DS that my C-Stick was, well… sticking.  I noticed that as I played games that required precise controls to move your character (such as Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Kid Icarus) my controlling wouldn’t be as exact as it should be.  My character would veer off to the side a little, and it was getting frustrating.  I have a feeling this is due to my C-Stick being off-center or something.  From what I’ve read, Nintendo improved on the C-Stick technology and that the new C-Stick will be more precise and less prone to issues like this.  *Fingers crossed!*
  • The stylus.  Am I the only one who hated the position on the back of the 3DS, and having to pull on the stylus to make it full size?  Apparently not, because in the 3DS XL, the stylus is back on the right side of the console, and is a full size, normal stylus once again!  HUZZAH!

There are other changes and improvements on the 3DS XL, but those are the ones that I was interested in.

Now, there are some issues when it comes to doing a system transfer from a 3DS to a 3DS XL.  Most people were upset that the 3DS XL was released in Europe before it comes to the USA, but I think it was a good thing.  I read a blog entry from a guy in England who hit a lot of snags while trying to transfer his system data from one console to the other.  I’m not going to write it all out here, so you should definitely read this article if you are planning to buy a 3DS XL and do an in-store transfer/trade-in.  In fact, I used the information from this blog to quiz my own local GameStop guy.  He was not aware that you need WIFI to transfer your system…  so basically I was able to give him a heads up on the potential issue!  He had no idea!

New Super Mario Bros. 2

In addition to pre-ordering the XL, I also put down $5 to reserve a copy of the New Super Mario Bros. 2!  This game looks so freaking cool.  I’m very excited about the co-op mode.  This is a lifesaver for me!  Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy playing Mario games, but I can NEVER beat them.  EVER.  (Unless it’s Paper Mario or Super Mario RPG for SNES.  I beat those games 10 times over!  They rule!!)  But in the NSMB2, you can play the ENTIRE game in co-op mode, much like the Wii game that came out a year or two ago.  So now I can team up with JDubz and actually play through a modern Mario game!  I’m psyched!!

So what about you guys?  Is anyone out there planning on buying the 3DS XL?  How about NSMB2?  Let me know in the comments section!  🙂

4 thoughts on “I Like My Fun in Size XL!

  1. I am definitely upgrading to the 3DS XL but I’m waiting to see if more colors are released. I’m giving Nintendo until whenever Animal Crossing 3DS is released and then no matter what color is out I’m getting the XL along with AC3DS, of course 🙂 BTW, I still reach for my stylus on my 3DS on the side LOL!! Hope the system transfer goes smooth for you. I’m planning on giving my 3DS to my mom when I upgrade so she can play the new Animal Crossing with me and if I have any problems trasnferring the system, I’m sure I’ll send you an email!

    I already put my $5 deposit down on the New Super Mario Bros 2. I just made it to World 8 on Super Mario Land 3D, hoping to beat it in the next two weeks!! Plus I love collecting coins, in all the Mario games I was always the greedy one making ridiculously insane jumps just to get one coin, so NSMB2 seems like a great game for me! LOL 🙂

    1. gluxbox

      Wow, I never made it that far in 3D Land. I love to play platformers, but I kinda suck at them, so I’m looking forward to co-op mode in NSMB2!

  2. You sold me on the XL. I preordered it yesterday, though I don’t think I’ll try to trade in my 3DS at the same time. Maybe, like you I’ll trade it in toward a Wii U. 🙂 I didn’t reserve NSMB2. Not that I’m not excited about getting bazillions of coins, but I’m thinking of getting that as a download. I wonder how much room it takes up on the SD card. Have you heard anything about that?

    1. gluxbox

      Jen, I heard that the download is fairly sizeable. But my big issue with digital copies is that you cant trade them in, should you want to. Not to mention that once you’ve downloaded it, you HAVE to play the game on that console – no switching from 3DS to the XL. But a digital download doesn’t require a preorder or waiting in line, so both options have their merits!

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