The Totally Sweet Day Squirt Came Back to Town!

Marcel's blog title for today.

Well, Marcel said it right!  Today’s blog entry is all about how Squirt decided to wake up from his monthly hibernation to collect DLC and see what’s new in Shaolin.  I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but nobody’s really playing ACCF as much anymore so there’s not much motivation.  😦  Other than to get the Golden Series DLC, of course!

Stop making me feel guilty!

Rowan was guilt-tripping Squirt about it though.

Golden Series Stuff

This is some of the new Golden Series DLC that we’ve received since January 2011.  There’s a Golden Bed, Chair, Table and… I think it’s called a Golden Chest?  I don’t even remember anymore!  lol

Golden Closet

Here is the newest DLC, which is a Golden Closet.  As you can see, Squirt is working on transforming his old throne room with all these lovely golden furniture items.  Now if only we’d get the wallpaper and carpet to match!  (I suppose I could at least take out the track and field flooring that’s currently being used… but meh, I’m lazy.  Hehe!)  Guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait it out.

Squirt decided that it was time to get rid of his bed-head hair, so he hopped on a bus to the city for the first time in a WHILE.  He was so excited to run in to an old townie favorite while he was in the city – Ruby!

Ruby the Restauranteur

Apparently Ruby’s been living it up in the city, lol!  She’s planning on opening up a restaurant named after Shaolin!  I wish!  Wouldn’t that be so cute?  I wonder what Shaolin delicacies would be on that menu.  Aww…  I miss Ruby.

Squirt went to Shampoodle’s and let Harriet choose the hair style.  She recommended that Squirt get the same style that an old friend, Magoo from Udrigle, had selected.  It was a girl’s style…  so don’t judge Squirt.

Rachel and Squirt

After visiting the city, my sister Rachel visited Shaolin!  Yay!  She kept picking up the pattern tiles so Squirt had to teach her a lesson.  With his axe.  😛

Rachel helped to pick all the weeds in Shaolin, she was a great help!  Hopefully we can keep Shaolin a little bit tidier from now on!  I’ll try to remember to play a bit more but…  you know how that goes.  LOL!

Well, I hope everyone’s towns are doing well in ACCF!  I can’t wait for the AC3D game is revealed and stuff!  I’ll be sure to post any info I can find when it’s available.  Until then, bye bye!

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