The Golden Series DLC

Details about the Golden Series have surfaced!  But not in english.  Luckily, the Japanese DLC page lists the dates in a way that’s somewhat easy to decipher.  Basically it’s one part of the set per month, all year long.  But the SUPER IMPORTANT thing to know about this DLC is that you CAN NOT order extras of this set from Nook!  So if you are using all four of your ACCF characters, I’d recommend logging in with all of them to get as many of each item as possible!  For those of you who were too lazy to click the link I inserted above, I’ll show you the different items in this Golden Series:


January - June 2011


July - December 2011

So don’t forget to log in to ACCF at least once per month to get your hands on these limited-time DLC items!!  😀

4 thoughts on “The Golden Series DLC

  1. Theo

    I have to say that you do not know what you are doing. You can order extras of each of the items for 32,000 bells apiece. You are wrong.

  2. Theo

    That, and when one is a platinum member at Nook’s, the Golden Series items sells for 25,600 bells apiece. So once more, I have proved you wrong.

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