Kapp’n’s Log

Before I get into writing my actual blog entry, I’d like to just make a few things clear.  My blog is NOT intended to be an Online Store.  It is NOT intended to be a place to solicit new friends.  If you are looking to add new friends or buy/sell/trade items, PLEASE go to Animal Crossing Community.  That site, known as ACC, is a great place to make friends with people your own age.  It’s also a great place to find people who are trading or giving away items.  In fact, most of the people on my friends list I met thru ACC.  So please, PLEASE use ACC to find new friends and to get DLC items if you are in need.

Shaolin is not open to new friends right now.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t play often enough and it would be dumb to add new friends.

That being said, my blog IS a good place to get Animal Crossing information, tips, and news!  I’m happy to provide that for everyone!  And I have DLC News to share with all of you, so stay tuned! OK now that my disclaimer is out of the way, here’s my latest blog entry:

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  I had intended to do one last Fireworks party, but things came up and I kinda forgot.  So, I apologize for that.  😛

Anyway, here’s a picture of some JP DLC from last month, the Cucumber Horse:

Cucumber Horse

I should have displayed the Eggplant Cow with it, since the two items go together.  Oh well.  You can also see the KR DLC Shaved Ice Lamp in this pic.  Those were the DLC I got in August.  When September rolled around, NOA got really lazy.  I mean, REALLY lazy.  First they distributed the same Hopscotch Floor from last year.  Then, a week or two later, they distributed something for Grandparent’s Day:  a piece of candy.  Not anything special, just the same old piece of candy that you can buy from Tom Nook during October.  It was SO LAME!  I’m guessing NOA received a lot of backlash for that, because this week they released a new, cute and FUN DLC!  Yay!

Letter from Kapp'n?

Normally, when you get a new DLC item from Pete, he says, “You’ve got a letter from Nintendo!”  Not this time.  Instead, he said the letter was directly from Kapp’n!  Cute.  I didn’t know there was a drive-by mailbox for Kapp’n to toss letters in from his school bus.  Hehehehe!  😛  I was very excited to see what Kapp’n would possibly have to write about.  (It better not be full of more creepy advances!)  Here’s the letter:

Kapp'n's Letter

Soo… apparently now we’re supposed to believe that Kapp’n is/was a PIRATE?  I thought he was a simple driver/boatman.  One who takes people from one destination to another.  Apparently plundering goes on while we’re not looking?  lol  I don’t know WHY Nintendo released this DLC right now, but I can’t complain!  At least it’s cute!  I took a picture of it from my catalog, so you can see how much it COSTS!

Kapp'n Model

Yikes.  16,000 bells!  And that’s with my Platinum level Membership discount or whatever!  I don’t even wanna know how much it would be at full price.  D:  I guess that’s why Kapp’n said I could pretend that it was some pirate treasure – it’s certainly worth that much!

I don’t know of any new US DLC planned for the future.  Hopefully NOA will continue on the trend of releasing NEW, cute stuff, instead of re-hashing the same DLC from last year.  However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more DLC coming out!  As usual, Japan and South Korea have brand new DLC coming out this upcoming week!  Here’s the spoilers:


Yeah, sorry… I don’t know what it says or what it’s called.  But it’s definitely a shirt pattern.  And it’s coming out on Monday!  Yay!  I’ll try to get some more info about this and let you guys know.

Undoukai no kabe

The JP DLC is called うんどうかいのかべ (Undoukai no kabe) which means Sports Festival Wall.  Undoukai is a festival that is celebrated at the beginning of October.  Here’s some more info for you Japanese buffs!  I bet you guys think I can speak Japanese.  All I know how to do is read the alphabet!  The rest I figure out through google searches.  All it takes is a couple minutes and you can usually figure things out on your own!

Well that’s all the DLC news I have for now!  Check back soon for more updates!  😀

5 thoughts on “Kapp’n’s Log

  1. Emma

    I think the Korean DLC is called “Hanbok”. At least that’s what they’re calling it on ACC and ACCF wiki. Probably cos it’s based on a Hanbok, which is a real clothing item in Korea.

  2. I hope I get stuff set up so I can pick up my Kapp’n booty before it goes away. I love that you got a letter from Kapp’n and not nintendo. T

    he new DLC is awesome. I wish I hadn’t packed my animal crossing (somewhere) so I could do one last hurrah in Higarden. Oh well. Higarden is going to a good home. 😉

    Thanks for at least keeping me current on AC news. 🙂

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