Silver Week

Yesterday was a busy day for Squirt!  New Japanese DLC was released, and Katie the crying kitten was in town trying to find her mom.  It was going to be a WiFi packed day!

It all started in the morning when I got up.  I found Jay trying to take Katie around town, in hopes that her mom is hiding in someone’s house.  Shouldn’t somebody tell Jay that it doesn’t work that way?

Jay and Katie
Jay and Katie

I ditched them in a hurry because I had to find the open gate to ちびくろ!  It was time to get my new Japanese DLC, which is called the あかいだいくことあかいちゃんちゃんこ!  In English, that means a Red Celebration Hat and Red Celebration Vest.  Here’s a photo of Squirt modeling the complete outfit in Deb’s Japanese room:

Decked out in new DLC
Decked out in new DLC

If you’re wondering what all this DLC is for, I was able to get an official Japanese explanation from Aya:

Akai daikokubou means a red hat. Chanchanko is the vest that goes with it. You give these items to your Grandma/Grandpa when they reach 60 years old (it’s called KANREKI) for celebration. I’m sure they came up with this item because September 15 in Japan is a holiday called “keirou no hi”. It means you respect elders and treat well on that day.

Google Image Search

Apparently this holiday, Keirou no hi, is part of a series of holidays that occur this month in Japan, and it is referred to as Silver Week.  I guess it’s because when you get older, you are known as being ‘silver.’  I think it’s great that the Japanese respect their elders so much.  America should give it a try sometime…

The party had to move from ちびくろ to Shaolin because the shirt part of the DLC was actually a pattern, so we needed access to my Able’s Shop.  Vella and オレンジ came too!  Once everyone had their new costumes, we began to celebrate.  Here in Shaolin, none of us players are actually 60 years old, so we just goofed around.

Everyones Silver Today?
Everyone's Silver Today?

Since it was late at night in Japan, the party didn’t last too long.  I had to go to work anyway.  But that doesn’t mean I was finished with AC for the day.  Katie, that crybaby, was still in Shaolin and needed to be dealt with.  Luckily, Miao is very easy to find and we arranged to have me bring Katie over to her town later that evening.

Showing off the new DLC!
Showing off the new DLC!

Doesn’t Miao look so cute?  Anyway, I copied the ちゃんちゃんこ pattern to her tailor’s shop so she could have it too.  I forgot to bring her the hat, but she said she was getting one in the mail from another friend anyway.  Plus she looked too cute in that bonnet to take it off!  lol  We chatted for a while and then I had to get going.  I still had some things I needed to take care of in my town.

For example, Deb was looking to redecorate her house.  I haven’t really been decorating much lately, and Deb keeps getting very low HRA scores.  47,000 points is not going to cut it!  So it was time to say good-bye to the citrus cafe.  I kept some of the Cafe elements, and instead just brought out the entire Sweets Series.  It’s getting close to Halloween anyway, and it just seemed fitting.  So now Deb has a Sweets Cafe in her house, albeit a smaller cafe, with the back half of the room being used as a studio apartment.  😛

Sweets Cafe
Sweets Cafe

I think it’s cute.  Anyway, I’m stuck at work right now so I have to wait and see what present I’ll get from Katie, for successfully reuniting her and her mom.  I really hope I get a Papa Bear, because that’s one of the few items I still need to fully complete my catalog.  Fingers crossed!  😀

2 thoughts on “Silver Week

  1. I love Deb with the witch’s costume and the white hair. It looks awesome. 🙂

    I had fun at your silver gathering. Us old timers can still swing a mean net. For once I didn’t oversleep!

    Thanks for inviting me and doubly thanks for the paintings! I’m off to blog about my day too. 🙂

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