Saturday PM

I just visited Curly’s house like he wanted me to.  It was kind of cool, after I pestered him for a while, he decided to sell me something in his house.  It was like a mini Flea Market!  I didn’t know that would happen, so that was a pleasant surprise.  Too bad Curly didn’t have anything I needed.  Now, if I could just convince Cube to let me come over, I would try to buy that Robo-Stereo!  

I made a giant perfect snowman today, which was kind of fun.  I usually make them the same height as my character, but this time I decided to go EXTREME!  It’s pretty huge.  I took a picture.


Giant Snowman
Giant Snowman

Afternoon turnip price is at 64 bells.  What a wierd week!  I hope next week is better, and the prices actually go up!

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