Friday AM

Merry Christmas! I was out of town for the holidays so my blog got interrupted! No biggie.

Happy H-Days, as Curly would say!
Happy H-Days, as Curly would say!

Jingle’s visit was pretty fun!  I got quite a few extra pieces of furniture that I sold for a HUGE profit.  I was able to bank over 100K.  Yay for the holidays!  

Last night the turnip price was 153.  But this morning it’s back down to 76.  Not sure what this means, other than this has been a rollercoaster week in the stalk market!

Sahara was in Shaolin last night but almost nobody had old carpets!  It was wierd.  I thought there were supposed to be three.  I got one carpet but it was something I already had.  You need three carpets to get something rare!  Darn.

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