Join Me on Wii Fit U!

Hi there fitness freaks!  This month Nintendo released a gift to everyone who played Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus for the original Wii.  If you have a Wii U and an existing Balance Board in your house, you can try Wii Fit U for FREE for 30 days by downloading the free trial on the Nintendo eShop!!  After the trial period, all you have to do is purchase a Fit Meter for $20 to unlock unlimited use of the game.  As someone who’s been playing Wii Fit Plus since 2010, I jumped on this deal as soon as it became available on November 1st.

Wii Fit U is the latest installment in Nintendo’s amazing efforts to make a fitness game that actually gets you results.  Using the newest features of the Wii U GamePad, and the innovative technology of the already awesome Balance Board, you can get real feedback on form and balance from your virtual trainer.  Something I especially love is the new Mirror Mode feature, which allows you to use the GamePad’s camera to actually see yourself on the TV (or you can play completely on the GamePad if you wish!) and compare your form to the trainer.

On top of new features like that, Wii Fit U includes lots of fun, new balance games, and improvements to already popular Aerobic activities.  You can now do “Free Boxing” and punch to the beat while watching TV!  There are lots of new ways to personalize your workout too.  And if you are an early adopter of the Wii Fit franchise, you can transfer your old save files and data from the original Wii for a fast start!

Another cool feature is the way that Wii Fit U integrates the Miiverse.  You can sign up for a Wii Fit U Gym Community on Miiverse, and this will post your activities to your friends!  I set up a Gym Community for StreetPass Long Island, but everyone is welcome to join!  As of now, I’m kind of pathetically alone in this Gym so PLEASE won’t someone join my Gym Community?

StreetPass LI Gym Community Code: 7008-8617-8850

Another cool way that Wii Fit U gives you feedback on your progress are all of the analytics that the game provides.  If you’d played the older Wii Fit games, you’re already familiar with the charts that measure your weight and BMI.  But Wii Fit U adds new levels of feedback, such as telling you how much time you’ve spent working on different parts of your body, allowing you to tailor your workout to sculpt targeted areas!

Now I must go into detail about the super Wii Fit Meter.  This is not your average, everyday pedometer.  Sure, yes, it measures the number of steps you take per day.  On top of that, since it’s synced with your Wii Fit U game, it knows your BMI and can calculate how many calories are being burned.  The Wii Fit Meter also includes an altimeter, which measures if you are climbing stairs or a hill and takes this into account with your burned calorie count.  On the Wii Fit Meter, you can view many charts and see what time of day you were being active… and lots of other cool stuff!


OK yes, the Wii Fit Meter is quite reminiscent of the old Pokewalker from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.  I kinda want to figure out if it’s possible to swap the faceplates.  While you can’t carry a Pokemon around with you on the Fit Meter, you can see your Mii winking away at you while you run.  It’s much more advanced and I am really impressed with the information it obtains and transmits to your Wii Fit U game.  You can sync your steps and calories burned, so Wii Fit U will account for every single calorie you burn, whether you are playing the game on Wii U or doing a run around your neighborhood.

So please, join me in playing Wii Fit U!  If you have a weight loss goal, this game can help you reach it, and I’m speaking from experience!  And if you are currently playing this latest fitness game, please join my Gym Community!  Once again, the Community Code is 7008-8617-8850!  If you’ve never played a Wii Fit game before, fear not!  Full game, Fit Meter and Balance Board bundles will be available for the holiday season.  Check for more info!




This past weekend, I attended PAX East 2013.  We took a road trip up to Boston (though technically we stayed in a seedy motel in Sharon, MA… good times!) and spent 3 days in Gaming Bliss.  It was our first time at PAX and we definitely want to go again next year.  Here’s a brief recap of what we saw and did during the weekend!


We arrived at the BCEC (Boston Convention and Expo Center… I think lol) bright and early on Friday morning to get started on our weekend of fun!  Since we got there around 8AM, we were able to park in the parking lot of the convention center, meaning a short walk away from the entrance.  There were a ton of people gathered around, but thankfully there were no huge lines like we experienced at NY Comic Con back in October.

We assembled early to get our PAX Badges.  You can imagine how psyched I was when I got my hands on my badge, which proudly proclaims that I was to be a SPEAKER!  Yep, that’s right.  I was to represent my growing StreetPass Group, called StreetPass Long Island (or SPLI for short) and talk about how 3DS and Nintendo fans can start up their own StreetPass Groups in their local areas.  My expertise lies in Social Media Marketing and Networking, so that’s what I focused on in my part of the panel.  We had a great turnout at the StreetPass Panel, over 100 people were in attendance.  Our colleagues at StreetPass Princeton had gone above and beyond creating free Nintendo perler bead necklaces for all who came to the panel, which was a nice bonus.  In addition to me and SP Princeton’s Nick and Rob O., the other panelists were Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson, and Ryan Morrison from Island Officials.

I really felt that the panel went well, the people seemed genuinely interested in listening to what we had to say (gauging by the amount of people nodding in agreement as I spoke and the number of people who asked pertinent questions during the panel) and I especially hope that we helped to encourage more people to start up StreetPass Groups.  It’s a great thing for Nintendo (not to mention free marketing, advertising and PR of their products in a variety of demographics and regions) and a lot of fun for the rest of us!  If anyone reading this was at our StreetPass Panel, thank you so much for coming!  I’m working on a video of the Panel, but it’s about an hour long so I have to cut it down into segments.  As soon as it’s ready for the public I’ll definitely post the videos here so you can hear what I had to say.  I wish I didn’t have to work all this week, or I’d have it done sooner!  🙂

Yep that’s me on the left, the only female on the StreetPass Panel!

The rest of the day on Friday was spent looking around at all the different booths and vendors.  We had tons of SPLI business cards and stickers which we handed out when we saw people playing 3DS.  Speaking of which… can I just say, going to events like this is like a StreetPass BONANZA!  I highly recommend to all of you 3DS owners to try and attend a big gaming event at least ONCE.  You get SO many StreetPasses, it’ll make your head spin!  It’s a great way to catch up on your Puzzle Pieces and Find Mii game.


We’d heard a rumor the day before at the Nintendo Booth that there would be Pikachu 3DS XL consoles on sale at PAX, a day before it hits shelves in stores nationwide.  (Same goes for Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.)  Since my birthday is coming up, I decided to buy the Pikachu XL at PAX!  I also decided to wear my Pikachu costume that day, to be extra festive. Originally the plan was to get up super early and be the first in line, to ensure it wouldn’t sell out.  Unfortunately, Boston’s annoying tunnel system had other plans for us, we got kinda lost and we didn’t actually get to the BCEC area until after 10AM.  That meant that we also had to park in the overflow parking lot and wait for a shuttle bus to take us to the convention center.  You can imagine our concern about waiting in huge lines and potentially getting sold out of the exclusive items.  Despite our fears, we rushed to the Nintendo Booth and got set up in the increasingly long line to purchase the new products a day early.  Just when we thought our luck had run out, everything changed when I saw Pikachu.

Of course when I saw Pikachu I had to get my photo taken with him.  Apparently this caused a bit of a stir, as a Nintendo Rep approached me about a Pokemon Cosplay Contest going on later that day.  We got to talking, told him about SPLI and gave him our card.  A few minutes later, a different Nintendo Rep and a Photographer asked us to step out of the line and go with them.  I asked, “Will we still have our place in line?”  They assured me not to worry and we followed these official Nintendo Reps.  Once we got closer, they informed us that they were going to let us skip the hour wait on line, and let us buy our Pikachu XL’s then and there, and take a photo of me doing so!  We were SO EXCITED!!  Of course we agreed and posed as best we could.  As far as I can tell, the photo of me buying the XL has not surfaced on the internet.  But whatever, I still got to skip the line!!

After that amazing surprise, of course we had to check out the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Gaming Lounge where the Pokemon Cosplay Contest was to be held.  It was really cool!  They had beanbag chairs all set up, along with tons of 3DS XL’s with Mystery Dungeon playable demo’s.  It was packed!  As it got closer to Contest time, we saw more and more cosplayers showing up.  I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance in the contest, but I wanted to participate just for fun.  Here’s a picture of the Lounge:


On the third and final day of PAX, we had to catch up on whatever we might have missed.  And to us, that meant going hard at the Nintendo Booth to check out as many game demos as possible.  There were a TON!  I admit I didn’t even get to see everything I had hoped to see.  There was just SO MUCH TO TAKE IN!!

One game I was happy I did get to check out was Pikmin 3.  I’ve never played a Pikmin game before, other than the mini-game that is in Nintendo Land (which RULES, by the way!).  But after seeing Nintendo Direct videos showing the sheer beauty of the HD graphics in the photo-realistic world environment, I was very excited to check it out first hand. The graphics are so vivid, and the game is a ton of fun!  We were using the Wii Remote & Nunchuck during the gameplay demo, but I believe you can also use the Wii U GamePad to play Pikmin 3.  We played a boss battle against a giant, mean, armored Centipede type thing – it was intense and awesome!  I seriously cannot wait for Pikmin 3 to come out this May!

While not playable for the public, another demo I had to check out was Animal Crossing: New Leaf (of course).  It was so nice to see the dialog in English!  I have to admit, I think I knew more about ACNL than the Nintendo Rep who was doing the game demo.  I probably should have tried to volunteer to work at this booth!  While the live demo was going on, I pulled my JP 3DS out of my bag and started playing my ACNL game.  I noticed I had Maikochan in my town (the little girl kitty who wants to visit other towns) and I asked the Nintendo Rep if I could visit his town and drop off the kitty.  He apologized and said that what he was demo’ing was not a full retail version of the game, and I couldn’t visit.  What a shame!  lol

I’ll admit, we did check out some other booths that were not Nintendo related.  However, since they weren’t Nintendo, they really weren’t cool enough for me to take photos and write long reviews about them.  MUAHAHAHA!  But the Capcom booth did have a fun Photo Booth where you could take three photos for free, and they were playing a Mega Man cartoon on loop.  The Ubisoft booth was giving away t-shirts to people who tried their game demos, so that was cool too.  There were a TON of vendors selling cool stuff; I got a couple of Pikachu toys.  Too bad I didn’t have a lot of money to buy merch, since a plate of chicken fingers costs $12 at PAX lol!

So that’s my brief recap of the fun we had at PAX East 2013!  We hope to do a similar panel next year, or at the very least we’ll definitely attend again next year.  (But yeah fingers crossed to get a panel again!)  I definitely recommend that you check it out if you can.  So many games in one Expo!  There’s something for everyone!  Thank you, Penny Arcade!

PS: Check back soon for some game reviews!  I’ve been playing Mystery Dungeon and Luigi’s Mansion and they are both awesome!  More specific reviews to come lol!

What’s Next?

This is a “calm” time for me right now, in terms of video games.  There’s no HUGE title out there that I’m dying for, except for Pokémon Black and White 2, which doesn’t even come out until June…  and if I want to understand anything in the game, the North American version isn’t available until the fall.  So I’ve got some down time in terms of games right now, and I’m very happy about that!  I can play whichever games I need to catch up on, at my LEISURE, without the pressure of a big event that I need to be prepared for, or feeling obliged to complete a game before some new one comes out.  Ahh..

So here’s what’s on my plate.  I’m going to list my goals for some of my unfinished games, in hopes that by writing it down, it might actually become a to-do list that I can actually accomplish lol!

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising –  Earlier this week, I completed the story mode!  Hooray!  But I only completed it at level 3.  And there’s like a billion more weapons, powers, idols and achievements that I haven’t unlocked.  Not to mention all the AR cards I haven’t collected or scanned.  I’d like to at least be able to improve my skill and increase the difficulty level to hopefully level 5 or 6 someday?
  • Harvest Moon:  Tale of Two Towns – There is a TON of stuff I still have to accomplish in this game.  Sure, I reunited the two towns, opened the tunnel and all that.  But my character isn’t MARRIED yet (that’s like such a big deal in this game lol), I haven’t unlocked half of my farm’s features (such as a rice paddy, a seed maker or a flour mill), and there are lots of tasty dishes I haven’t cooked up yet!  There’s always plenty of work to do on a farm, I guess.
  • Pokémon SoulSilverSince I started this game late, I’m not even half way through at this point.  My goal here would be to beat the game, and unlock as many legendaries as possible.  I need the legendaries so that I’ll have spares to transfer over to the Gen V series games, such as B&W.  That way I can keep my fully completed Pokédex in HeartGold intact!
  • Mario Kart 7 – It’s somewhat embarrassing for me to admit this, considering how much I had dominated in MK Wii, but I never beat this game.  I still have to get gold on the Special Cup to unlock Metal Mario and stuff.  And I’ve never really used the racing community features in this game.  Not to mention all the ghost time trial StreetPass stuff that I’d like to finish!
  • Sonic Generations – I’m not huge into Sonic or anything, but this game is cute and I’ve barely dented it.  I’ll probably never beat this game but making progress always gives me a sense of satisfaction, so I’ll keep this one in my mini 3DS games case, should I feel inspired to play a few rounds.  This game, in general, is pretty tough and I didn’t have a SEGA growing up, so it’s all kinda alien to me.  It’d probably be easier if I knew the right path to take to complete each board lol!
  • Spirit Camera – I’m expecting to get this game for my birthday on Saturday.  Since it’s an AR game, I am kind of assuming it’s gonna be one of those “high on graphics, low on gameplay” kinda games.  I know the 3D and ghost-hunting aspects of the game will be AWESOMEEEE but not really sure if the game has anything to offer in terms of replay value.  My goal for this game is to just enjoy it, and hopefully beat it.
  • Pokémon Emerald – Might as well throw a GBA game into the mix.  I’ve gotten about half way through this game, and it’s really awesome for an older generation game.  You can really see how some ideas from Emerald were evolved into newer features in the modern games.  So I’d like to complete this game, and see which legendaries I can harvest from it.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY LEGENDARIES!!!  lol
  • Mario Party 9 – Now onto Wii games.  I’d like to unlock all the boards in this game, and hopefully beat the Solo mode.  But I don’t really play on my Wii that much so I have no idea when I’ll actually accomplish this!  😛
  • Kirby’s Return to Dreamland – This Wii game is so freaking awesome, it’s really a shame that I’m letting it collect dust on my shelf right now.  I’d love to complete the story mode in this game, and unlock as many parts of the spaceship as possible.  This game is a lot of fun, but even MORE fun if you take advantage of the co-op game play options, so maybe I’ll take it to JDubz’s house and we’ll try to beat the game together.
  • Super Paper Mario – I rented this game back in like 2008 when it first came out.  Then I got kind of lost in the game (the story line is VERY long and the worlds are huge and you can quickly get confused) and gave up and sent it back to GameFly.  Ever since Paper Mario 3D was announced, I’ve been itching to give this Wii version a second chance.  I even got the Nintendo Selects edition of this game for Christmas… but I still have yet to take it out of the plastic wrap.  So my goal in that game would be to start over and try to actually beat it this time!

Wow…  that list came out wayyyy longer than I thought.  I highly doubt I’ll be reaching every one of these goals by June 23rd, but hey no rush!  This is about relaxing and just doing my thing.

Do you have any goals for your video games?  Which games have you kind of overlooked lately?  Let me know your goals too!  🙂


Much to discuss today!  I’ve been so busy with the awesomeness that is Kid Icarus, I’ve barely had time to blog about all the other sweet games that are coming out soon.  And I haven’t even talked about Mario Party 9, which I’ve been playing off and on for a while.  ZOMG!  Not to mention the BIG DAY is fast approaching… the Pokémon Video Game Competition Regionals!

Spirit Camera

OK first things first:  Spirit Camera – Cursed Memoir.  If the above picture isn’t enough to convince you, then obviously you aren’t into this type of game.  I think this is a GENIUS idea for a game.  Spirit Camera is exclusively a 3DS game, and comes with an AR Book.  Much like the AR cards that accompany the 3DS console, this AR book contains certain images that, when scanned with the 3DS camera, brings ‘ghosts’ or ‘demons’ or something like that… to LIFE!  Basically this game turns your house into a ghost hunting journey!  You have to save your soul (I think?) from being trapped in the book (which they call a diary) forever!  Viewing your personal surroundings through the “Spirit Camera” aka your 3DS will show ghosts hiding in YOUR house and you have to deal with them!  OK I honestly have no idea what you actually have to do in this game other than run around with your 3DS… but honestly, that’s all the info I need to know to make me want to get this game!  Luckily my birthday is next week…  🙂

Spirit Camera is releasing on Friday, April 13th in North America.  Exciting!  Visit their hauntingly cool website for videos and more details!

Mario Party 9 is another game I’ve been playing lately.  This is a Wii console game, one of the few reasons for me to turn on my Wii these days.  I am enjoying the new take on the Mario Party style – instead of traveling around the game board on your own like in the previous versions, you are in a little car with your opponents, traveling together!  You have to fight Bowser’s minions along the way, and it’s a lot of fun.  However, I must honestly say that I’ve been playing the single player version of the game as well, and it’s kind of frustrating.  The new Mini Games are refreshing, but I do miss some of the fun items that you used to be able to acquire in the older versions.  In MP9, you only collect different types of dice, which is kind of boring.  But change is progress and I think the new style of gameplay works!  But it’s definitely more fun to play the multi-player mode.


In other news, I posted something on my Facebook Fan Page (what?  You don’t like my page?  CLICK HERE NOW!) earlier today that had an actual RELEASE DATE for Pokémon Black and White 2.  This is only a release date for Japan mind you, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s accurate.  But people are saying June 23rd.  I am totally going to preorder the JP version of this game…  I can’t wait until the fall to get this game in English!  But I will wait for to actually have a release date listed on their site.  Then I’ll know it’s OFFICIAL and bite the bullet.  But I do enjoy procrastinating so I’ll do that for the next week or so lol!

Speaking of procrastinating, I’ve been doing that a lot in regards to my Pokémon team.  Despite the PVGC being less than a week away, I still haven’t fully assembled the team I will use to challenge my opponent[s].  In fact, I haven’t even printed out my official Player ID card or whatever I need to register for the event.  So I still have a lot of things to get done before Sunday!  But I am very much looking forward to going on a day trip to Philadelphia with JDubz!

As of now, my current team is:

  • ZAPRONG (Electivire)
    • A special Pokémon I received in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness!
    • Move set: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Cross Chop
    • He’s shiny!
    • Move set: Psychic, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse
  • YABBA (Hydreigon)
    • Levitate ability!
    • Move set: Crunch, Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower
    • Another shiny!
    • Move set: Stun Spore, Grass Knot, Psychic, Hurricane
  • TOADETTE (Seismitoad)
    • Poison Touch ability!
    • Move set: Sludge Bomb, Drain Punch, Strength, Muddy Water
  • BATTY (Swoobat)
    • Fall in love with me!
    • Move set: Psychic, Attract, Fly, Shadow Ball

After writing this out… I wonder if I should sub in some other Pokémon.  A lot of people were using Haxorus at the last tournament I attended… should I swap him with Hydreigon?  Also, I realize I have doubled up on some moves.  Is that even allowed?  I should probably look into changing a couple of moves.  But I dunno if I have all the TM’s I’d need…

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.  Does anyone have any recommendations or advice for my team?  All help is appreciated!!

Finally Some ACCF News!

When this blog was first created back in 2008, this site was called the Shaolin Town Blog, and was dedicated solely to my Animal Crossing City Folk town.  For a long time it went on this way, until I basically beat the game and didn’t have much to write about.  (Sad.)  Obviously now I decided to branch out and write about other games too, since ACCF is kind of ‘old news’ these days.  HOWEVER – the fun is not over yet!

I thought there wasn’t going to be any new DLC for ACCF, since AC3DS was supposedly going to be released ‘soon.’  Well, that hasn’t happened yet, and I guess the Animal Crossing developers felt kinda bad.  I’ve received intel from Vella that there will be new DLC for ACCF!

The fine print:  The new DLC is only slated to be released in Japan (as of now).  The new DLC won’t be released until June 2012 and will continue bi-weekly until the end of October.

Here’s a preview of what the new DLC is going to be!  It’s a cool, new Halloween theme!


More DLC Pictures!

As you can see, there are some pretty kickass looking creepy DLC items coming to ACCF!  A skeleton, a crystal ball, a tombstone?!  These items certainly look cooler than the regular Jack series that you get on Halloween.  Yay!  You might also notice some ‘not so new’ items like the Mush Hanger and Jingle TV.  Why are they there?  I’ll tell you!  Those two items were originally released for NoE, so we could only get those DLC items from our European friends.  However, according to the ACCF Wiki DLC Page, what was previously NoE DLC is coming to Japan [and hopefully North America] this year!  (I mean, sure we all probably already have those items, but still, any one-on-one encounter with Pete is welcomed by me!  lol)

So if you’re in North America, right now we can get the Pavé Clock that was normally only released in Europe.  Log in and see Pete, and do some catching up in ACCF!

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond!

Despite being a day late (thanks a lot for not sending your shipments to GameStop on time, Nintendo!) I finally got to playPokéPark 2 for the first time yesterday!  The game is BEYOND cute, and I really like it so far.



You start off the game as Pikachu, much like the original title.  You go around with Piplup making friends and whatnot, until the both of you are convinced to enter a suspicious looking area.

Wish Zone

Wish Zone

This area, which I think is called the Wish Zone, is made entirely of sweets.  Everyone who eats the cakes that were made in this area suddenly become possessed!  Pikachu and Piplup run into Oshawott, who is investigating what is going on with these possessed Pokémon.  Pikachu is challenged to take on the “Attraction” of this area, which is a whack-a-mole type mini game hosted by Cofagrigus.  When Pikachu wins, the Pokémon are freed, but the world starts imploding or something and Piplup manages to save Pikachu and Oshawott – while sacrificing himself!  It becomes Pikachu and Oshawott’s mission to return to the Wish Zone to save Piplup!

I don’t want to give everything away, but the story is cute and the animation is adorable!  If you aren’t into cute Pokémon, then this game might not be for you.  Also, I hate to say this because it’s a kid’s game, but I often find myself getting confused as to what I’m supposed to be doing at any given time.  But whatever!

In terms of mini games, the format is somewhat different from the original title.  No longer are you competing for best scores (at least from the gameplay I’ve seen so far) and doing ridiculous mini games every time you encounter a Pokémon.  The main “Attractions” in different areas are similar to the mini games from the previous game.  But when you encounter a new Pokémon, you usually have to play a game of Chase, or you will be asked to BATTLE!  This is a new aspect of PokéPark 2 – you can battle using Pikachu, Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig!  (You have to unlock these extra characters first, of course.)  Each Pokémon has a different move set for battle.  There’s a regular Tackle-type move, a special move, and a sweeping move to help you beat your opponent.  Plus, when you are battling, sometimes one of the OTHER Pokémon you might have befriended along the way will pop out and offer their services!  For example, I was playing as Snivy and battling a Leavanny.  I wasn’t very effective against her and was losing.  Then Seismitoad pops up and did a sludge bomb on her!  Thanks Seismitoad!  😛  (You can’t walk around as any Pokémon but Pikachu and the BW starters tho.)

There are some familiar faces in this installment of PokéPark.  Drifblim is back to ferry you and your friends to whichever town you might need to reach.  Misdreavus once again is in charge of the photos.  The format of this game is similar to the previous PokéPark, except this game actually has more of a storyline!  Imagine that!

OK well that’s all I have time to write about right now.  Visit my Flickr Photostream to see the rest of the photos I’ve taken so far.  Enjoy!

PS – Stay tuned for some ACCF DLC news coming soon!  O.O

My Valentine!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a pleasant Valentine’s Day!

Mine was great!  JDubz got me a dozen red roses (aww!) and a really cool Pansage Reversible Plush!  It can convert from a Pansage plush to a Pokéball plush, kind of like those old plush toys from the 80’s [whose name I am forgetting lol!].  In addition, we went to Dave & Busters for a fun celebration, where we earned enough tickets to cash in on a pretty sizeable Pikachu plush!

Here’s my Pokémon Plush collection.  It’s getting pretty freaking sweet!

My Pokemon Shelf

Don’t be jealous!  I’ve got some really cool Pokémon stuff here.  You might notice that big Pokéball behind Pikachu – that’s my reversible Pansage.  I didn’t want him to try and upstage Pikachu so I left him in the ball lol!  Pikachu is seen here wearing an old Pikachu dog tag necklace that my little sister got back in the late 90’s.  I also have my McDonald’s Happy Meal Pokémon toys, a bunch of AR Markers and TCG cards.  Off to the side you can kind of see the cut-off corner of a Pikachu glass, which was actually a collector’s edition jar of Welch’s grape jelly from many years ago, that has since been emptied, washed out and displayed with all my other cool Pokémon stuff!

While we’re on the subject, there’s been a lot of buzz about the newest legendary, Keldeo.  It seems like a WIFI Mystery Gift Event is in our near future.  That and/or a new game (I hope!) on the horizon.  I don’t really have any idea though.  But here’s a video that someone in Japan managed to get somehow.  I don’t know what’s going on in the video but here it is anyway!

Keldeo Event Video

I just want to remind everyone that Arceus is available on the PGL until May 1, 2012.  You can also get Mewtwo via Nintendo WFC Mystery Gift right now!  WOOT!

In case you haven’t been following my new Gluxbox Facebook Page, you might have missed this article I posted:

“Lots of details about Animal Crossing 3DS”

I didn’t write this article, nor will I take any credit for finding it.  However, if you are like me, you are looking to find ANY new updates regarding the upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS game!  The above article contains new scans from Official Nintendo Magazine (I should probably subscribe lol!) that also contains lots of never-before-seen photos and info about the game!  I CAN’T WAIT!  Rumors are saying that AC3DS could come out as soon as this summer, but I won’t get my hopes up.  I just hope they give us some OFFICIAL info pretty soon!

Before I go, just wanted to say… ONLY 11 DAYS UNTIL POKEPARK 2 COMES OUT FOR THE WII!  YAY!!!

Upcoming Awesomeness

Like the rest of you, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release dates for upcoming titles like Animal Crossing 3D and Paper Mario 3D.  Not to get your hopes up – there still aren’t any official release dates for these titles.  Wah.

However, there are a couple of Wii titles that I’m looking forward to, and they actually ARE coming out soon!  Namely:

PokéPark 2 – Release Date: 2/27/12

This game promises to be a vast improvement over the original title in this Pokémon spin-off series.  Not only will we be able to play as Pikachu, but the Unova starters also play a major role in this game!  There will be battles in addition to the regular mini games, and of course more adorable areas to explore!  I can’t wait to start playing and sharing my photos with you all.  🙂

Mario Party 9 – Release Date: 3/11/12

The newest Mario Party game looks like it’s going to be awesome!  The creators re-vamped the gameplay and added a ton of new mini games to enjoy.  I like how they added Boss Battles to the game, and how you travel around the board with your competitors.  I think it will make for an interesting twist on the original formula.  Can’t wait!

So these Wii titles will have to tide me over until some new 3DS games are finally released.  Be assured that when we do finally get some more info on AC3DS, I’ll be all over it!  I’ll post as much info as I can find.  As of now the only update on the release date for AC3DS is GameStop’s list, which currently says May 2nd.  However, you might remember my old GameStop list said Jan 2nd for AC3DS, and that didn’t happen.  So I don’t think GameStop knows what they are talking about lol!  But I’ll keep looking.  Until then…  toodles!