Animal Crossing & Smash: An Observation

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Wii U Animal Crossing Stage

Hey everyone! Super Smash Bros. Wii U is coming out THIS FRIDAY (11/21/14) and I got a chance to play it early at a demo event this past weekend. I was really excited about the new Animal Crossing stage! But when I saw it in all it’s glory… I realized it was a bit dated.

Am I the only one who cares about this? I touched on this a little in my last blog entry. The Villager, the Wii U Animal Crossing stage… everything except for Tortimer Island in Smash 3DS is actually based on Animal Crossing: City Folk, and not Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is weird? I’m sure it’s a result of games like these being so content-heavy that production takes years, and when they were working on the Smash game ACCF might have been the only option for the game designers to use as a model. But personally it kind of bothers me! I’m just being nit-picky. I think they should have updated the look of the Villager characters to match ACNL, at least.



ACNL Female Villager

ACNL Female Villager

Again, notice that these SSB4 Villager characters are short and well, wide around the middle. The female at the end is jumping and you can see her little undies, which was a trademark (and pet-peeve of mine) of the female characters in ACCF and earlier. I was happy when they changed the look of the human characters in ACNL, making them a little more proportionate and girls’ underwear not visible lol! I think this would have been an improvement for Smash players too, because the way the Villager was designed, the character is more of a shorter, child size character like Ness or Toon Link. I would have pictured the Villager as a medium height character in Smash Bros., especially since the villagers are almost as tall as the tall bears in ACNL.

Height comparison - Vllager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Height comparison – Villager and Grizzly, courtesy of the awesome Sosostris Blog!

Aside from the Villager character design in Smash, my other observation is about the Wii U Animal Crossing stage. (NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!!!) It’s a fantastic stage, excellent for competitive play and incorporates the “rolling log” effect of the Animal Crossing games, which is really cool! The graphics look amazing. So amazing that you can see the Town Gate all the way in the background… wait a sec. Town Gate?? This is a feature from the Animal Crossing City Folk series! In ACNL, there are train tracks, the Train Station and a stairway to the Shopping District at the north-most part of town.



See those adorable Animal Crossing characters that stand along the background of the flat area in the stage? Sure, you might recognize the three pictured here, but during the stage these characters change! I saw Frillard and Serena appear in that part of the stage a few times, and players new to ACNL will certainly not know who they are lol! Plus, you can clearly see a sign for the bus stop, which does not exist in ACNL.

Another feature of this stage in Smash is that you actually follow a bus to the city. It’s really cute! I don’t have any images of that so no major spoilers here but I just think it’s interesting that they chose to model this stage after the Wii game instead of the latest 3DS game. I know it’s not a big deal and I’m a fan of throw-backs too… it’s just not what I was expecting I guess.

Tortimer Island

Tortimer Island

Really can’t complain though. At least Animal Crossing is represented in the game! And we do have Tortimer Island, which is a really awesome stage in Super Smash Bros. 3DS. I love this stage because of the awesome music, its like a remix of the songs Kapp’n sings on the boat ride to the island! Plus you can get eaten by sharks and harvest fruit from the trees. It’s one of my favorite stages!

Wouldn’t it be great if all of the ACNL animal townies were assist trophies? Or all the gyroids?? You know, maybe they should just make an Animal Crossing/Fighting Game crossover series to get more people interested in the franchise lol! I’d play it…


Holy Awesome Games!!

If you haven’t seen the latest Nintendo Direct, or rather, the Smash Bros. Direct from 4/8/14… well you are missing out.  The half hour long presentation has taken the Nintendo community by storm!  New game footage and details have been revealed about the upcoming Smash Bros. games for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

There is just TOO much to hype about in the upcoming Smash games!!  So many new Pokemon playable characters, the Animal Crossing Villager character, new stages, new Final Destination stage options, new game modes for the 3DS version… and the graphics for the Wii U version are just so fantastic, I can’t get over it!  If you haven’t checked out the Nintendo Direct, watch it here.  Even if you’ve never played Smash Bros. before, now is the time to get into this franchise.

Can I just say that I totally LOVE Sakurai??  His hair is awesome!  He clearly is a huge Pokemon fan, has a hilarious sense of humor, and definitely represents what I consider to be “my generation” of gamers.  Is it bad that I secretly wish Sakurai would host all future Nintendo Direct videos?  😛

The bad news is that we have to wait.  Super Smash Bros. 3DS won’t be released until this summer.  The Wii U version is slated to be released this WINTER (holiday season no doubt) so we have a while before that new challenger will approach.  Not to mention we don’t have any actual concrete release dates.  I hate that!  My main worry is that the Wii U version will eventually be pushed back to 2015.  Fingers crossed that the developers stay on schedule.  Super Smash Bros. is going to be huge for StreetPass communities, and I can’t wait!!  So what am I supposed to do until then?

Good news!  Lots of cool games are coming out in the coming weeks and months.  Tomorrow, April 11th is the release date for Disney Magical World, which I’m sure many of my readers are psyched about!  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s kind of like a cross between Disney Infinity and Animal Crossing, with a touch of Harvest Moon.  You’re in the Disney world, and you get to interact with the Disney characters in a similar way to how Animal Crossing works.  From what I understand, it follows the daily calendar.  But you also get to gather items and collect things, which you use to craft OTHER things, which is why I say it’s also kind of like Harvest Moon.  Plus there’s some action/battling and you also run a cafe.  Everything I like!  If you want to learn more, check out this trailer:

Lots of cool games are coming out in May as well.  Namely, the awesome new Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Golf are both slated to be released early May.  At the end of May comes Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, which also looks to be AMAZING.  Sweet HD graphics on Rainbow Road?  Yes please!!

So hopefully all of those new games will tide us over until the release of Smash on 3DS later this summer.  I know I barely have time to play the games I have… I bought Yoshi’s New Island recently and have barely had a chance to play it because I’m still backlogged!  I was rushing to beat Pokemon X before the PVGC, but now that the big competition is over I can put Pokemon down for a minute.  What I really want to do is finish Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward which I had rented from GameFly.  I’m like half way through it so that’s my goal.

And if you are wondering… I have NO idea how I am going to manage 3 ACNL towns as well as Disney Magical World.  I haven’t even played ACNL in over a week, I’m sad to say.  There are just not enough hours in the day!  I’m hoping I will make some time to play games this weekend, even though I will be in Boston for PAX East.

But what can I say?  I have a ton of awesome games to play so I really can’t complain can I?  😀


Got Your Mushrooms Ready?

I hope you’ve got your mushrooms ready, because the Harvest Festival starts tomorrow in AC:NL!  All November long, mushrooms have been sprouting up at the bases of fruit trees, and some of them are actually hidden pieces from the Mush Series.  I’ve been trying to collect the Mush Series all month, and the only thing I’m missing is the Mush End Table.  Does anyone have a spare they’d like to sell or trade?  I keep getting Mush Lamps while mushroom hunting, so if you need a Mush Lamp be sure to comment and let me know!

While some of these mushrooms might earn you a pretty penny (or bell, I guess?), try to hold off on selling them all.  Your townies might request a mushroom for their holiday meals that they’ll be cooking for the Harvest Festival!  Be prepared to give away plenty of fish, fruit and mushrooms to appease the townies, it’s the only way to collect all of the exclusive items for the Harvest Festival.

The big tree in the Jubilife Town Plaza has lost all but two leaves!  Don’t the AC:NL towns look so cool in the autumn season?  I love how the grass is gradually changing color… can’t wait for it to turn to snow!  It won’t be long now… and then the REAL fun begins!  Get ready for Snow Papa, Snow Mama and the rest of the family to take over your AC:NL waking life…  But for now, I wish everyone a fun Harvest Festival, as well as a wonderful real life Thanksgiving and/or Thanksgivukkah!

In other “mushroom news,” Super Mario 3D World was released last week on the Nintendo Wii U system.  I haven’t had a chance (or the money) to pick it up yet, but I did play a demo at New York Comic Con.  If anyone out there would like to submit a guest blogger review for SM3DW, please comment or email me and we’ll make it happen!

Join Me on Wii Fit U!

Hi there fitness freaks!  This month Nintendo released a gift to everyone who played Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus for the original Wii.  If you have a Wii U and an existing Balance Board in your house, you can try Wii Fit U for FREE for 30 days by downloading the free trial on the Nintendo eShop!!  After the trial period, all you have to do is purchase a Fit Meter for $20 to unlock unlimited use of the game.  As someone who’s been playing Wii Fit Plus since 2010, I jumped on this deal as soon as it became available on November 1st.

Wii Fit U is the latest installment in Nintendo’s amazing efforts to make a fitness game that actually gets you results.  Using the newest features of the Wii U GamePad, and the innovative technology of the already awesome Balance Board, you can get real feedback on form and balance from your virtual trainer.  Something I especially love is the new Mirror Mode feature, which allows you to use the GamePad’s camera to actually see yourself on the TV (or you can play completely on the GamePad if you wish!) and compare your form to the trainer.

On top of new features like that, Wii Fit U includes lots of fun, new balance games, and improvements to already popular Aerobic activities.  You can now do “Free Boxing” and punch to the beat while watching TV!  There are lots of new ways to personalize your workout too.  And if you are an early adopter of the Wii Fit franchise, you can transfer your old save files and data from the original Wii for a fast start!

Another cool feature is the way that Wii Fit U integrates the Miiverse.  You can sign up for a Wii Fit U Gym Community on Miiverse, and this will post your activities to your friends!  I set up a Gym Community for StreetPass Long Island, but everyone is welcome to join!  As of now, I’m kind of pathetically alone in this Gym so PLEASE won’t someone join my Gym Community?

StreetPass LI Gym Community Code: 7008-8617-8850

Another cool way that Wii Fit U gives you feedback on your progress are all of the analytics that the game provides.  If you’d played the older Wii Fit games, you’re already familiar with the charts that measure your weight and BMI.  But Wii Fit U adds new levels of feedback, such as telling you how much time you’ve spent working on different parts of your body, allowing you to tailor your workout to sculpt targeted areas!

Now I must go into detail about the super Wii Fit Meter.  This is not your average, everyday pedometer.  Sure, yes, it measures the number of steps you take per day.  On top of that, since it’s synced with your Wii Fit U game, it knows your BMI and can calculate how many calories are being burned.  The Wii Fit Meter also includes an altimeter, which measures if you are climbing stairs or a hill and takes this into account with your burned calorie count.  On the Wii Fit Meter, you can view many charts and see what time of day you were being active… and lots of other cool stuff!


OK yes, the Wii Fit Meter is quite reminiscent of the old Pokewalker from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.  I kinda want to figure out if it’s possible to swap the faceplates.  While you can’t carry a Pokemon around with you on the Fit Meter, you can see your Mii winking away at you while you run.  It’s much more advanced and I am really impressed with the information it obtains and transmits to your Wii Fit U game.  You can sync your steps and calories burned, so Wii Fit U will account for every single calorie you burn, whether you are playing the game on Wii U or doing a run around your neighborhood.

So please, join me in playing Wii Fit U!  If you have a weight loss goal, this game can help you reach it, and I’m speaking from experience!  And if you are currently playing this latest fitness game, please join my Gym Community!  Once again, the Community Code is 7008-8617-8850!  If you’ve never played a Wii Fit game before, fear not!  Full game, Fit Meter and Balance Board bundles will be available for the holiday season.  Check for more info!


So Much Going On!!

Time sure flies when I’m having fun and being busy as heck!  There are so many awesome games out right now and I barely have time to play any of them.  I actually just quit one of my jobs… OK, I didn’t actually quit so I could play more games, but hopefully it will be a happy consequence.  I’m toying with the idea of working for GameStop, but I hear a lot of horror stories about that job, and the pay isn’t that great.  So I haven’t decided.  Hopefully I can just make ends meet doing my graphic design and social media job.  We’ll see!  Anyway…

Disney Infinity

I’ve made some progress in the different story modes that I have currently in Disney Infinity.  I’ve only actually played the generic Playset that comes with the Disney Infinity Starter Pack, which includes “Pirates”, “Monsters University” and “The Incredibles.”  Honestly, I haven’t played too much of Monsters U.  Not sure if I just need to see the movie to “get it” a little better, or if the rival college hijinks just isn’t doing it for me, or if the other story modes are just more appealing, but Monsters U is definitely the game I’ve been neglecting the most.  Incredibles, on the other hand, is a really fun action/adventure game and while I haven’t played too much of the story mode yet, I’m looking forward to delving into it more.  Pirates, as I mentioned in my last post, is my personal favorite and I’m almost done with the main story in that game.  I just love navigating on a pirate ship and attacking other boats!  Plus the ship customization is REALLY cool, I can make my ship look like it’s a shipwreck, or made out of bones, or look like a British Royal ship… so many options!  That’s why this game is so amazing!

Recently, JDubz and I celebrated our two year anniversary together.  He got me a TON of new figures and sets as a gift!  Here’s the full collection.  I haven’t even opened most of it yet.  The only figures I bought for myself were the “Cars 2” Playset and I won the “Violet” figurine at E3.

Yep, I’ve got hours and hours of DI Playtime ahead of me!!  I got that Limited Edition “Lightning McQueen” silver car at Toys R Us, which seems to be the place to go for DI accessories.  For some reason, Toys R Us is getting a lot of exclusive items for the Disney Infinity lineup!  And I’m not just talking about these figurines, there are also exclusive Power Disc “gold packs” that TRU is selling.  Just this past week was I able to retrieve both the “Tron” and “Mike’s Car” power discs, which are rare TRU exclusives.  They have translucent red plastic instead of clear, and feature holographic images instead of the regular ones you find on normal power discs.  These power discs are fun to collect, but I have assembled quite a collection of duplicates and spares as well.  Here’s my current spare power discs.  Do I have something you need?  Comment or email me to request a trade!  One power disc I have yet to find is “Elephant Abu”, so please let me know if you have an extra you want to trade!

Pokémon Rumble U

As if Disney Infinity wasn’t taking up enough of my spare time, there is also the newest (and last game of Gen. 5) Pokémon game, the third installment in the Pokémon Rumble series.  This latest game, Pokémon Rumble U, is a Wii U eShop exclusive.  Not only does this game blow you away with it’s HD graphics and all 649 Pokémon, but the game takes on a new form with the addition of the Pokémon NFC Figures.  Pokémon NFC figures are only available at GameStop, and they are little mini Pokémon toys that look exactly like the ones in the game.  But what you can DO with them is what makes Rumble U so much more fun – the NFC Figures can be “scanned” into the game via the Wii U GamePad, and then you can customize your NFC figures by upgrading their power and changing their moves!  I really love this new feature, even if it does make the game a bit more expensive.  You really feel like you are a part of the game since you can touch and feel your Pokémon toys and make them your own.  Here’s some of my Pokémon NFC collection:

I have to say, I do have a couple of complaints with the new Pokémon Rumble U game.  My main issue is that this latest game has gotten rid of the different “areas” that, in previous games, your toy character could walk around in and preview what the different boards will be.  Now it’s just a linear list of stages.  Another change, which I don’t mind quite so much, is that all of the stages are now “Battle Royale” style.  In the older titles, there were lots of boards that you just walk through and fight Pokémon, and each area had a boss battle in the arena.  In Rumble U, every stage is a Battle Royale in an arena, and every stage has a boss at the end.  I personally like this change, but plenty of other Pokémon fans had issues with it, so I wanted to mention it.  Another problem is that the toys that you collect in-game cannot be upgraded, customized with moves, or even organized.  The game itself shows all of your collected toys as a huge army that is simply organized by power level.  There is no search function, so if you’re looking for Oshawott and you don’t have him saved as a favorite, it might take a long time to find him out of a sea of hundreds of Pokémon!

Despite these few shortcomings, I am enjoying Rumble U immensely!  I usually play it at JDubz’s house, since I can bring over my NFC figures and play on his system by scanning them in.  It’s also just fun to have a collection of little Pokémon toys that I carry around with me everywhere.  :3


When I’m in the mood to get my RPG on, I turn to EarthBound.  This game is hilarious and has the zaniest enemies to battle!  I’ve been making good progress, and I’m currently “stuck” on a notoriously tough boss, named Master Belch.  The only reason I’m stuck is because I think I need to be leveled up a bit more, and I need to use my Fly Honey.  Plus Jeff needs to get his rocket launchers!  Yeah I just need to be more prepared when I go into battle against Master Belch!  He stinks!

Animal Crossing: Wasabi Village

Of course, when I’m not home playing my Wii U, I’m playing ACNL.  I still carry both my regular 3DS XL with Jubilife City, as well as my JP 3DS with Wasabi Village… but unfortunately Wasabi often is the neglected town.  I usually only sign in to Wasabi when there’s a Japanese holiday, or if I need to check turnip prices, or feel inclined to splurge at GracieGrace.  Last week there was a JP Holiday (we get it in the US too, but on a different date) called Weeding Day!  This is Leif’s only holiday… you know him, the little weird looking guy from the Garden Store!  Unfortunately I hadn’t “prepared” Wasabi well enough for this holiday.  Leif tells you that if you can pull 30(!!!) weeds in town on this day, then he’ll give you a special prize.  I tried, and I counted only 26 weeds that I was able to pull up.  So I didn’t get whatever the special prize was, but I did get this snazzy Flower Screen!

The only other updates coming out of Wasabi is the sad news that King (aka Elvis in the US version) slipped away during the night and moved out.  He was kind enough to send Neko a signed photo, but it’s just not the same!  I feel awful for neglecting my Japanese town and in turn, losing one of my favorite townies.  I don’t have any vacant resident spots in Jubilife, so I think he’s gone for good.  😦  Cue the depressing Elvis classic:

Are you lonesome tonight,
Do you miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we drifted apart?
Does your memory stray to a brighter summer day
When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?
Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?
Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?
Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again?
Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

Animal Crossing: Jubilife City

Jubilife, on the other hand, is bustling and busy as ever, with exciting fall holidays coming up on the horizon, such as Halloween and the Harvest Festival.  Earlier this month we celebrated Labor Day, which consisted of Isabelle handing out picnic baskets, and a funny face cutout standee was displayed.

Gracie made her first official appearance in Jubilife City, and I was subject to the first of four Fashion Checks that will allow Gracie to add her store to the Shopping District, which ultimately will mean that I’ll get the Department Store upgrade.  My first Fashion Check was for a “modern” style, so of course I played it safe and wore as many items from the Gracie fashion set that I could get my hands on!

I passed the test and received a Sweets Bookcase.  I really hope to get all of my Fashion Checks done during this season, because the Sweets series is my favorite, and I can’t afford to pay full price for it right now!  Gracie gives you a free item from whichever the current season series is, which is why I hope to finish my evaluations during the fall!  Wish me luck!

My favorite news about Jubilife is the fact that I’ve caught the elusive Petaltail Dragonfly!  This wily bugger is one tough insect to catch.  It’s only available from August to October, from 5pm-7pm daily.  I’d been looking for it in Jubilife for the past month with no luck.  So I figured I’d try to hunt for it in Wasabi instead, and I caught it quickly and easily on a rock!

I was so excited!  Hooray for me!!

Just a head’s up, there’s a holiday coming up on 9/19 called the Autumn Moon Festival.  While this festival occurs in every region’s version of ACNL, every region has a different special item that can only be obtained from that country.  So I am going to open the gates of Wasabi Village from 9pm – 11pm on Thursday night so people can come and get the JP exclusive Autumn Moon item, the “Dango.”  Feel free to join in!  I made a Facebook Event for this, so hopefully you can join me!  See you then!  😀

There’s Life in Jubilife!

Jubilife Update

Hey everybody!  You’re probably all thinking… “What gives?  Why hasn’t Glux been posting blogs about her new Animal Crossing New Leaf town, Jubilife?”  Well said, you.  That’s a good question.

The honest answer is that I really don’t have much time to blog these days.  What I am able to do is post photos as things happen in Jubilife onto my Tumblr Blog ( which bounces the photos here onto the Glux Blog.  I know it’s not the same, and I’m sorry for that.  But ever since I came back from vacation, things have been crazy busy.  Also I came down with a nasty chest cold that will not go away, so it’s been a struggle for me to get anything done.

I’m going to try to do a quick recap of what’s been going on in Jubilife.  Please follow me on Flickr and Tumblr to get the full experience.

Jubilife started on June 9, 2013. I was ready to take on the challenge!

My beloved Ruby lives in Jubilife! HUZZAH!! (She will NEVER leave me again!!)

As soon as I was able, I commuted to Wasabi, where I ransacked the town, stole money and snagged designer fashions to wear.

Meet Gruff. He looks scary when he’s mad. (Yes he’s mad in this photo.) He’s kinda scary looking even when he’s not mad. But he’s still my favorite goat!! 😀

I’m finally able to enjoy the StreetPass functions in ACNL! Here I am standing outside of Mayor Neko’s house in the Happy Home Showcase. Also pictured… some type of robber who is scoping out Mayor Neko’s house. Hope she locked the door…!

While I was at E3, I was able to get a special StreetPass from Reggie Fils-Aime! His house is weird.

Reggie has a picture of his own face on his bed? Like I said… weird.

While I was in California, I had a visit with Mayor Yumi in Kasen Village. She has a Tokyo Tower there now! **ooooh!** Also note that Mayor Yumi was kind enough to give me a squeaky hammer!!

I won the Bug-Off on June 15th! 😀

Been adding lots of public works already. I started with this suspension bridge, but have since added the Dream Suite and the Museum Renovation on Main Street.

We had the Summer Solstice Festival on 6/21. It was really freaky – at night the sun was still blazing! Fireflies were floating about in full daylight. It was odd.

I love Ruby so much!! So freaking cute! My favorite pop star!! 😀

We are impatiently awaiting the grand opening of Club LOL, which I expect to happen tomorrow.  I haven’t decided which public work to start next.  A third bridge?  Gruff wanted me to add a Danger Sign…  So many choices!

OK I promise I’ll try harder to make time to blog about Jubilife.  But the Tumblr updates should at least make it a little easier to keep you updated!  Don’t even ask about Wasabi.  It’s falling into disarray, weeds everywhere, bamboo starting to get overgrown…  King better not move away, that’s all I can say!

Game & Waaaaaario!!

In other news, I also recently picked up the Wii U game “Game & Wario” which is REALLY cool!  It makes great use of the Wii U Game Pad, with every mini-game using the GamePad in a different way.  You can shoot arrows, draw shapes, complete puzzles, drive a taxi, dance like a pirate (don’t ask!) and lots more!  There’s also a pictionary-esque side game that posts directly to the Miiverse, which is pretty cool.  Here’s some of my screenshots from my Miiverse Profile!

This is from the Miiverse Drawing game. It’s kinda like the app “Draw Something” but more Nintendo-themed.

This is a screenshot from the cinematic at the beginning of the Ski game. The Ski game plays exactly the same as the F-Zero game in Nintendo Land, in that you have to hold the GamePad vertically and turn the GamePad to steer. It’s tricky!

My score after playing the “Pirates” rhythm game. My score is… MEH!!

For those who like quick, casual mini-games like I do… I highly recommend this title!  It has multiplayer as well as a single player mode, so it’s fun for everyone!  Check it out sometime!  😀

The Countdown Begins!

It’s time for a regular blog post.  I know I’ve been doing a lot of Wasabi News and random posts about Nintendo and body wash, and for those looking for a bit more… well, I apologize.  Life keeps me busy but I try to make time to post what I know the majority of my readers want to see, at least once a week.  Today I want to make some announcements, so here’s a BONUS REGULAR POST!!


There’s only 30 more days to wait until the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am SUPER EXCITED!  I’ll be downloading the digital version of this game at 12AM on 6/9.  I’ve waited long enough, dammit!  I don’t really care about the box art, yes I’m sure it’s very nice but it’s just more important to me to have AC:NL with me at all times, and I don’t have to worry about finding/losing the game cartridge.  (Yes, I’ll still have to worry about losing my 3DS…  lol!  But that’s always a concern.  I keep it close to me always!)  I can’t wait until I won’t have to carry about both my Pikachu 3DS XL and my JP 3DS daily.  I’ll still play in Wasabi occasionally but my new game will be my “main game.”  Wasabi, most of the time, will be staying at home, unless there’s a big AC:NL event to attend and I’ll bring it with me to get extra StreetPasses!

Speaking of which… I am still toying with names for my US AC:NL town.  I’m pretty much decided that I want to use a Pokemon town name.  Keep in mind that preliminary underground press is reporting that you might not be able to have a town name that is longer than 7 characters.  So I’m trying to find the perfect, short Pokemon town name for my game.  Wanna help me pick the town name?  Here’s what I’m toying with:

  • Azalea [Town] – Johto
  • Eterna [City] – Sinnoh
  • Jubilife [City] – Sinnoh (I really love this one but I’m pretty sure it’s too long!  Wahhh!)
  • Nimbasa [City] – Unova
  • Olivine [City] – Johto
  • Pallet [Town] – Kanto

For those wondering, all the Hoenn region town names are really long, so those are pretty much out.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?


Today begins the registration from the latest Pokemon B/W/B2/W2 WIFI Tournament, called the 2013 Spring Friendly.  Since I missed the past couple of WIFI Tournaments, I do plan to participate in this one.  Registration is open from 5/9 – 5/16.  The actual Tournament will be held via WIFI from 5/17 – 5/20.  For those interested, here’s the Ruleset:

  • Battle Format: Single Battle
  • Rankings will be decided based on player Ratings at the end of the competition.
  • Players may use only Pokémon found in the Unova Pokédex of Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.
  • Pokémon may not hold the item Soul Dew.
  • Pokémon may not use the move Sky Drop or Dark Void during battle.
  • For details, check the Rules section.

I will have to double check the Unova Pokedex for B&W2.  There are some older gen Pokemon in that Unova ‘Dex.  I need a refresher!  I haven’t even looked at my Pokemon game since the PVGC…

Also, quick reminder that there is an ongoing Deoxys WiFi Mystery Gift Event right now!  Don’t forget to download Deoxys to your game – he’s level 100!  The Mystery Gift event ends on May 31st so don’t delay!


OK I’ve been saving the best for last.  Guess what, Glux Blog readers?  I am taking a trip next month.  From June 10 – June 15th I’ll be on the west coast, visiting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  What am I doing over there, you might ask?  Well…

That’s right!  JDubz and I are going to E3!!!

I am SOO EXCITED!  Not only will this be my first trip to the west coast, but JDubz and I will be attending the E3 Conference as interns for Island Officials.  We’re also going to be meeting up with Jenn (aka Vella) from to see the “Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” concert once again!  And after the conference, we’re going to road trip it up and drive through the desert to visit Las Vegas!  OMG!  I am beyond excited!  I can’t wait to report to you all, EXCLUSIVELY, about all the latest upcoming games, gadgets and electronics at E3!  What’s amazing is that the Glux Blog is not owned by any major corporation, and I don’t have to answer to anybody.  What does that mean for you?  Unedited, uncensored, instant reporting for you!  No waiting for an editor to approve my news updates.  No big brother company making me sway my opinions to fit a corporate agenda.  So when you are looking for the latest news from E3, forget Kotaku!  Check the Glux Blog, or more likely my Facebook and Twitter accounts, for up-to-the-minute updates, news and photos!  I’ll do my best to blog daily as well.

So now the Countdown begins!  30 Days Until Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  31 Days Until E3!!  June is going to be the BEST MONTH EVARRRR!!!


This past weekend, I attended PAX East 2013.  We took a road trip up to Boston (though technically we stayed in a seedy motel in Sharon, MA… good times!) and spent 3 days in Gaming Bliss.  It was our first time at PAX and we definitely want to go again next year.  Here’s a brief recap of what we saw and did during the weekend!


We arrived at the BCEC (Boston Convention and Expo Center… I think lol) bright and early on Friday morning to get started on our weekend of fun!  Since we got there around 8AM, we were able to park in the parking lot of the convention center, meaning a short walk away from the entrance.  There were a ton of people gathered around, but thankfully there were no huge lines like we experienced at NY Comic Con back in October.

We assembled early to get our PAX Badges.  You can imagine how psyched I was when I got my hands on my badge, which proudly proclaims that I was to be a SPEAKER!  Yep, that’s right.  I was to represent my growing StreetPass Group, called StreetPass Long Island (or SPLI for short) and talk about how 3DS and Nintendo fans can start up their own StreetPass Groups in their local areas.  My expertise lies in Social Media Marketing and Networking, so that’s what I focused on in my part of the panel.  We had a great turnout at the StreetPass Panel, over 100 people were in attendance.  Our colleagues at StreetPass Princeton had gone above and beyond creating free Nintendo perler bead necklaces for all who came to the panel, which was a nice bonus.  In addition to me and SP Princeton’s Nick and Rob O., the other panelists were Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson, and Ryan Morrison from Island Officials.

I really felt that the panel went well, the people seemed genuinely interested in listening to what we had to say (gauging by the amount of people nodding in agreement as I spoke and the number of people who asked pertinent questions during the panel) and I especially hope that we helped to encourage more people to start up StreetPass Groups.  It’s a great thing for Nintendo (not to mention free marketing, advertising and PR of their products in a variety of demographics and regions) and a lot of fun for the rest of us!  If anyone reading this was at our StreetPass Panel, thank you so much for coming!  I’m working on a video of the Panel, but it’s about an hour long so I have to cut it down into segments.  As soon as it’s ready for the public I’ll definitely post the videos here so you can hear what I had to say.  I wish I didn’t have to work all this week, or I’d have it done sooner!  🙂

Yep that’s me on the left, the only female on the StreetPass Panel!

The rest of the day on Friday was spent looking around at all the different booths and vendors.  We had tons of SPLI business cards and stickers which we handed out when we saw people playing 3DS.  Speaking of which… can I just say, going to events like this is like a StreetPass BONANZA!  I highly recommend to all of you 3DS owners to try and attend a big gaming event at least ONCE.  You get SO many StreetPasses, it’ll make your head spin!  It’s a great way to catch up on your Puzzle Pieces and Find Mii game.


We’d heard a rumor the day before at the Nintendo Booth that there would be Pikachu 3DS XL consoles on sale at PAX, a day before it hits shelves in stores nationwide.  (Same goes for Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.)  Since my birthday is coming up, I decided to buy the Pikachu XL at PAX!  I also decided to wear my Pikachu costume that day, to be extra festive. Originally the plan was to get up super early and be the first in line, to ensure it wouldn’t sell out.  Unfortunately, Boston’s annoying tunnel system had other plans for us, we got kinda lost and we didn’t actually get to the BCEC area until after 10AM.  That meant that we also had to park in the overflow parking lot and wait for a shuttle bus to take us to the convention center.  You can imagine our concern about waiting in huge lines and potentially getting sold out of the exclusive items.  Despite our fears, we rushed to the Nintendo Booth and got set up in the increasingly long line to purchase the new products a day early.  Just when we thought our luck had run out, everything changed when I saw Pikachu.

Of course when I saw Pikachu I had to get my photo taken with him.  Apparently this caused a bit of a stir, as a Nintendo Rep approached me about a Pokemon Cosplay Contest going on later that day.  We got to talking, told him about SPLI and gave him our card.  A few minutes later, a different Nintendo Rep and a Photographer asked us to step out of the line and go with them.  I asked, “Will we still have our place in line?”  They assured me not to worry and we followed these official Nintendo Reps.  Once we got closer, they informed us that they were going to let us skip the hour wait on line, and let us buy our Pikachu XL’s then and there, and take a photo of me doing so!  We were SO EXCITED!!  Of course we agreed and posed as best we could.  As far as I can tell, the photo of me buying the XL has not surfaced on the internet.  But whatever, I still got to skip the line!!

After that amazing surprise, of course we had to check out the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Gaming Lounge where the Pokemon Cosplay Contest was to be held.  It was really cool!  They had beanbag chairs all set up, along with tons of 3DS XL’s with Mystery Dungeon playable demo’s.  It was packed!  As it got closer to Contest time, we saw more and more cosplayers showing up.  I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance in the contest, but I wanted to participate just for fun.  Here’s a picture of the Lounge:


On the third and final day of PAX, we had to catch up on whatever we might have missed.  And to us, that meant going hard at the Nintendo Booth to check out as many game demos as possible.  There were a TON!  I admit I didn’t even get to see everything I had hoped to see.  There was just SO MUCH TO TAKE IN!!

One game I was happy I did get to check out was Pikmin 3.  I’ve never played a Pikmin game before, other than the mini-game that is in Nintendo Land (which RULES, by the way!).  But after seeing Nintendo Direct videos showing the sheer beauty of the HD graphics in the photo-realistic world environment, I was very excited to check it out first hand. The graphics are so vivid, and the game is a ton of fun!  We were using the Wii Remote & Nunchuck during the gameplay demo, but I believe you can also use the Wii U GamePad to play Pikmin 3.  We played a boss battle against a giant, mean, armored Centipede type thing – it was intense and awesome!  I seriously cannot wait for Pikmin 3 to come out this May!

While not playable for the public, another demo I had to check out was Animal Crossing: New Leaf (of course).  It was so nice to see the dialog in English!  I have to admit, I think I knew more about ACNL than the Nintendo Rep who was doing the game demo.  I probably should have tried to volunteer to work at this booth!  While the live demo was going on, I pulled my JP 3DS out of my bag and started playing my ACNL game.  I noticed I had Maikochan in my town (the little girl kitty who wants to visit other towns) and I asked the Nintendo Rep if I could visit his town and drop off the kitty.  He apologized and said that what he was demo’ing was not a full retail version of the game, and I couldn’t visit.  What a shame!  lol

I’ll admit, we did check out some other booths that were not Nintendo related.  However, since they weren’t Nintendo, they really weren’t cool enough for me to take photos and write long reviews about them.  MUAHAHAHA!  But the Capcom booth did have a fun Photo Booth where you could take three photos for free, and they were playing a Mega Man cartoon on loop.  The Ubisoft booth was giving away t-shirts to people who tried their game demos, so that was cool too.  There were a TON of vendors selling cool stuff; I got a couple of Pikachu toys.  Too bad I didn’t have a lot of money to buy merch, since a plate of chicken fingers costs $12 at PAX lol!

So that’s my brief recap of the fun we had at PAX East 2013!  We hope to do a similar panel next year, or at the very least we’ll definitely attend again next year.  (But yeah fingers crossed to get a panel again!)  I definitely recommend that you check it out if you can.  So many games in one Expo!  There’s something for everyone!  Thank you, Penny Arcade!

PS: Check back soon for some game reviews!  I’ve been playing Mystery Dungeon and Luigi’s Mansion and they are both awesome!  More specific reviews to come lol!

PAX Preview

This upcoming weekend is the PAX East Video Game Convention, being held in Boston, MA.  The Con will take place from 3/22-3/24.  JDubz and I will be in attendance, just like at New York Comic Con, and I plan to give you Glux Blog readers full coverage of the event!  But to make things even more exciting, I also want to announce that I’ll be speaking in a PANEL at PAX!  As a Co-Founder of StreetPass Long Island, I was invited to speak on a panel discussing StreetPass Groups.  For more info on our panel, please visit the official PAX site:

I’ve never spoken on a panel like this before, so I’m very excited!  I will be covering what my own group (SPLI) has accomplished in the 7 short months we’ve been in existence, as well as discussing some more established StreetPass groups, such as StreetPass NYC and StreetPass Arizona.  The panel takes place on Friday at 12:30.  All I have to do is survive the panel, and then I can run around and enjoy the Con!  I was hoping to do a cosplay outfit, but unfortunately I ran out of time.  I do plan to bring/wear my giant oversized Pikachu costume/footie pajamas.  It’s been so cold this week, I welcome the idea of wearing a ridiculous full body fleece Pikachu costume lol!

Most likely I’ll be tweeting live from the event (assuming the building has WIFI or I can get 3G service inside, unlike how it was at NYCC’s Javits Center, where I could get no cell service whatsoever…) but not sure which account I’ll be using.  To be sure you get all the updates, please follow both @gluxbox and @StreetPass_LI on Twitter.  🙂

When I get back I’ll write a big blog covering all the details so look out for that as well!  If any of you guys are going to PAX, please let me know so we can StreetPass!  😀

Big News from Nintendo Direct!

Did you catch today’s Nintendo Direct video?  There were a lot of big announcements made, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check it out!


Here’s what I’m excited about:

  • Subcommunities in Miiverse!  Seems like a perfect place for my StreetPass Long Island group to set up shop…
  • Miiverse is coming to Smartphones.  And in the future, a Miiverse App is coming!
  • Virtual Console games (including GBA) coming to the Wii U!
  • OMG there’s a cool camera feature in Pikmin 3!  I can’t wait to take high res alien forest creature photos and share them on Miiverse!  lol
  • BIG NEWS – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is being re-rendered in HD and is coming to the Wii U this year!
  • BIG NEWS – The newest Legend of Zelda game (I think slated for 2014) is going to break all the Zelda rules and bring a brand new gameplay experience!


Who’s excited??  What was your favorite part of today’s Nintendo Direct?  😀