Week of 2/24 – 3/2

Wasabi Cafe Grand Opening!

Everyone in Wasabi is celebrating the construction of a new building – the Wasabi Cafe!  As promised, Mayor Neko set in motion the funding and construction plans for this new coffeeshop on as soon as the Windmill was completed (see the Public Works section below for more details!) and in less than a week, on 3/1, the doors were open!  Brewster is the owner and main barista at the Wasabi Cafe, and rumors are going around that if you can get on Brewster’s good side, you can get a part-time job working there!  The whole town is very excited about the Wasabi Cafe, as it is sure to attract visitors from all over.  In fact, when Mayor Neko visited the Cafe for her inaugural cup o’ joe, she noticed Kapp’n was already seated inside.  Guess he needed a quick break from all that ferrying back and forth from Wasabi to the Resort Island…


It has been a busy week for Mayor Neko and the Town Hall.  Two construction projects were completed, and one more has gone into the planning stages.

2/24 – Windmill Completed!

An earth-friendly Windmill has been constructed in Wasabi to bring in some renewable fuel sources.  On a windy day you can hear the “whoosh” of the Windmill from pretty far away!  The townies are all very excited for this new Public Work, especially Teddy, since the Windmill was built right near his house.  Mayor Neko is also quite pleased, she can see the Windmill from her house – it’s right across the river!

3/1 – Cafe is Now Open!

Read our headline story for all the details!  Construction and funding began on 2/25 and only 4 days later, the Cafe was fully funded and constructed.  Mayor Neko attributes the fast turnaround to the “helpful donations of the residents of Wasabi, as well as the Resort Island for having an abundance of rare beetles to sell.”  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Public Work project!  Blathers, the curator of the Wasabi Museum, was especially pleased to see the coffeeshop, as he and Brewster are old friends.

3/1 – Funding for the Mayor’s Fountain Has Begun

Any Wasabi resident would agree that one of the main attractions of their town is the Mayor’s Estate.  Located in a private nook by the beach, Mayor Neko’s large two story mansion is surrounded by Delicious Cherry Trees and guarded by hedges.  In an effort to make the Mayor’s Estate even more beautiful, Mayor Neko opted to decorate the outside of her house in the Cabana Style.  In addition, Mayor Neko has set up funding for what is being dubbed as the Mayor’s Fountain.  The Mayor’s Fountain is going to be situated right next to the Mayor’s house, overlooking the waterfall and beach area.  The Wasabi News is excited to see the finished product!  Fundraising has already begun, and at the time of printing, the Mayor’s Fountain only needs ฿80,000 to reach completion.  If you’d like to donate, please visit the Gyroid next to Mayor Neko’s house.


Much to everyone’s surprise, spring came early this year in Wasabi!  On 2/25, the snow officially melted away, revealing lush green grass underneath.  While almost everyone is very excited for the new fish and bugs of springtime, only one wasn’t happy about the arrival of spring… the poor Snowman.  😦  For the information of our readers, the Wasabi News would like to remind anyone playing AC:NL that if you have a Snow Daddy, he will not play Snowman Bingo with you once the seasons change.  Be aware!


Occasionally, one of the townies will come up with a brilliant idea for something or other, for which they will want a petition signed.  When this happens, it is up to the Mayor to visit another town to collect signatures.  (That’s right – you cannot simply ask your own townies to sign a petition!  They are obviously biased.)  So when Kitt approached Mayor Neko on 2/26 to have a petition signed, Mayor Neko took it upon herself to visit the neighboring Kasen Village to get the necessary 6 signatures – and also check out the Meteor Shower while she was there!  The Kasen townies were more than happy to oblige, and Mayor Neko’s task was completed easily, leaving plenty of time for her and Mayor Yumi to take some adorable photos.

When you see a shooting star, don’t forget to make a wish!

Double Meteors!

Yumi is wondering why Neko is blushing at creepy Nelson…

Soo… can anyone tell us what the Petition was for, anyway?


The latest installment of the Campus DLC series was distributed on 2/27 via a Letter from Nintendo.  This week’s special furniture is the Eraser Bench.  Like the Campus Notebook Closet, this Eraser Bench can be redesigned in a variety of colors, and costs an exorbitant amount of money to buy from the Catalog Machine in the Nook Shops.


After a quick reconstruction on 2/27, the Nookmart has expanded once again!  This time, the Nookmart is even bigger, and now the Flower Shop next door has a side entrance incorporated directly into the Nookmart!  In addition, there are now 5 furniture items available for sale per day, 2 carpets and 2 wallpapers per day, as well as a new item – K.K. Slider albums!  The Flower Shop has also expanded their inventory, now offering shrubbery on a daily basis.


Being the Mayor of a thriving village is no easy task.  Mayor Neko spends countless hours fundraising for Public Works, checking the Stalk Market for decent prices (the Wasabi Stalk Market maxed out at ฿153 this week, not too great but at least no money was lost), and of course making connections with Mayors from other towns.  This week, Mayor Neko made three trips abroad!  As described earlier in the Wasabi News, Mayor Neko visited Kasen Village on 2/26.  In addition to this, she visited Mayor Zen and Mayor Aya.

Mayor Zen – Zui Village – 3/1

Zui Village has the astounding Department Store!

Visiting with Gracie in the Department Store, and dropping a pretty penny on some fabulous fashions!

A beautiful fountain and plaza in Zui Village

Mayor Aya – Shakure Village – 3/2

It was raining in Shakure – thankfully both Mayors had umbrellas!

A delicious meal was set up on the table in Mayor Aya’s house!

A Japanese themed room in Mayor Aya’s house looks like it is prepared to celebrate Girl’s Day on 3/3!


  • 3/3/13 – Girl’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Dainty cakes will be served!  Yummy!
  • 3/31/13 – Bunny Day
    • Special Guest:  The Easter Bunny
    • Spend the day hunting for eggs!  Eggs can be found in the ground, floating in balloons, hiding in trees, even in the river!  Rumors claim that you can even go diving and find Easter Eggs during this holiday.
    • Inside each egg is a special foil which can be used to trade in for the limited edition Egg Series.
  • 4/1/13 – April Fool’s Day
    • Special Guest:  Blanca
    • Be careful – the villagers are set to play pranks on you!

Season’s Greetings from the Shire!

If you haven’t been following my friend Vella’s blog, then you are missing out on a LOT of news regarding the newest Animal Crossing game.  I read her blog every day and I’m always amazed by all the cool, cute, super fun new stuff that they’ve packed into the game.  It’s making me fiend out HARDCORE for some AC.  So I decided it’s time to pay a visit to my friends in my ACWW game, TheShire.  Pippin likes to speak for herself so here’s her latest news:

Hallo there!  Pip here.  Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but journeys tend to take twice as long when you’re a hobbit!  Recently my fellow hobbits and I were requested to serve as consultants on the new Peter Jackson film, “The Hobbit” and so we all packed up some lembas bread and left the Shire for several months.  We assumed that the rest of our enchanted residents would maintain our homeland whilst we were overseas.

However, upon our return, Merry and I were surprised to find that our town was over-run with weeds!  Of course, we don’t particularly mind, so I spent most of my first day back in the Shire collecting all the pipe weed and filling up the corners.  I couldn’t trust Merry for that job – no doubt she’d have smoked it all away!

I probably don’t need to tell you that, as usual, Frodo has been busy sleeping ever since our return.  He never helps with any of the duties of maintaining the Shire.  He usually just mumbles something about asking Samwise to do the work and then rolls over.  Something tells me he’s depressed that he wasn’t able to go to the Grey Havens with Lady Galadriel.

Luckily, despite our absence and lack of maintenance, the town was not damaged by orcs.  One of my dear friends Rasher apparently had decided to leave the Shire while we were gone, only to be replaced by Camofrog, who must be an old friend of Tom Bombadil.  Only Tom could have enchanted a frog to look like Camofrog!

There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air.  We are all preparing to celebrate the Solstice Feast of Yule at the end of this month.  Normally, Merry and I would simply prepare a modest seven course meal for everyone.  But this year, the shopkeeper Nook was pushing me to buy a large festive tree covered in decorations and ornaments.  Not wanting to seem rude, I did set up the tree at Bag End.  However I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with it.  Now I’m being told that Frodo plans to have the Elves of Rivendell bring us an Elvish feast for the Solstice Feast of Yule this year, so I guess that leaves me with nothing to do but fish and wander around the Shire!

I’ll report back after the solstice.  Your good health!

– Peregrin Took

New “About Me” Page

Hm… what is it about me?  What do people want to know about the Gluxbox?

I’m not entirely sure.  But most blogs and websites have an About Me page and I figured it was time for the Glux Blog to have one as well.  Of course I didn’t know what to write…  it’s always kind of awkward to write a mini autobiography.  What kinds of things do random people want to know about me?  I don’t know.

If you’re not actually on my site right now (damn you, email lurkers!  lol jk) then you don’t see the new link at the top of the page.  So here’s a direct link to my “Who is GLUXBOX?” page.  Even if you already know me, please take a minute to check out this new page.  If you can think of something about me that I’ve completely overlooked, or want to ask me a question, please feel free to comment your suggestions and inquiries!

I had intended to write a post about all the amazing presents I got for my birthday, but that kinda came and went, and it seems kinda silly to post something like that now.  I posted a list of my awesome presents on Facebook, so if you need to know, then you should be following my FB Page!  🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have time today to post everything I wanted to write.  Instead I will tease you with some upcoming blog topics:

  • Spirit Camera 3D Review
  • Harvest Moon:  My Wedding Day
  • Pokemon HG/SS Revisited
  • uDraw!!
  • And much much more, blah blah blah, etc!  😀

The Totally Sweet Day Squirt Came Back to Town!

Marcel's blog title for today.

Well, Marcel said it right!  Today’s blog entry is all about how Squirt decided to wake up from his monthly hibernation to collect DLC and see what’s new in Shaolin.  I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but nobody’s really playing ACCF as much anymore so there’s not much motivation.  😦  Other than to get the Golden Series DLC, of course!

Stop making me feel guilty!

Rowan was guilt-tripping Squirt about it though.

Golden Series Stuff

This is some of the new Golden Series DLC that we’ve received since January 2011.  There’s a Golden Bed, Chair, Table and… I think it’s called a Golden Chest?  I don’t even remember anymore!  lol

Golden Closet

Here is the newest DLC, which is a Golden Closet.  As you can see, Squirt is working on transforming his old throne room with all these lovely golden furniture items.  Now if only we’d get the wallpaper and carpet to match!  (I suppose I could at least take out the track and field flooring that’s currently being used… but meh, I’m lazy.  Hehe!)  Guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait it out.

Squirt decided that it was time to get rid of his bed-head hair, so he hopped on a bus to the city for the first time in a WHILE.  He was so excited to run in to an old townie favorite while he was in the city – Ruby!

Ruby the Restauranteur

Apparently Ruby’s been living it up in the city, lol!  She’s planning on opening up a restaurant named after Shaolin!  I wish!  Wouldn’t that be so cute?  I wonder what Shaolin delicacies would be on that menu.  Aww…  I miss Ruby.

Squirt went to Shampoodle’s and let Harriet choose the hair style.  She recommended that Squirt get the same style that an old friend, Magoo from Udrigle, had selected.  It was a girl’s style…  so don’t judge Squirt.

Rachel and Squirt

After visiting the city, my sister Rachel visited Shaolin!  Yay!  She kept picking up the pattern tiles so Squirt had to teach her a lesson.  With his axe.  😛

Rachel helped to pick all the weeds in Shaolin, she was a great help!  Hopefully we can keep Shaolin a little bit tidier from now on!  I’ll try to remember to play a bit more but…  you know how that goes.  LOL!

Well, I hope everyone’s towns are doing well in ACCF!  I can’t wait for the AC3D game is revealed and stuff!  I’ll be sure to post any info I can find when it’s available.  Until then, bye bye!

The Golden Series DLC

Details about the Golden Series have surfaced!  But not in english.  Luckily, the Japanese DLC page lists the dates in a way that’s somewhat easy to decipher.  Basically it’s one part of the set per month, all year long.  But the SUPER IMPORTANT thing to know about this DLC is that you CAN NOT order extras of this set from Nook!  So if you are using all four of your ACCF characters, I’d recommend logging in with all of them to get as many of each item as possible!  For those of you who were too lazy to click the link I inserted above, I’ll show you the different items in this Golden Series:


January - June 2011


July - December 2011

So don’t forget to log in to ACCF at least once per month to get your hands on these limited-time DLC items!!  😀

Kapp’n’s Log

Before I get into writing my actual blog entry, I’d like to just make a few things clear.  My blog is NOT intended to be an Online Store.  It is NOT intended to be a place to solicit new friends.  If you are looking to add new friends or buy/sell/trade items, PLEASE go to Animal Crossing Community.  That site, known as ACC, is a great place to make friends with people your own age.  It’s also a great place to find people who are trading or giving away items.  In fact, most of the people on my friends list I met thru ACC.  So please, PLEASE use ACC to find new friends and to get DLC items if you are in need.

Shaolin is not open to new friends right now.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t play often enough and it would be dumb to add new friends.

That being said, my blog IS a good place to get Animal Crossing information, tips, and news!  I’m happy to provide that for everyone!  And I have DLC News to share with all of you, so stay tuned! OK now that my disclaimer is out of the way, here’s my latest blog entry:

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  I had intended to do one last Fireworks party, but things came up and I kinda forgot.  So, I apologize for that.  😛

Anyway, here’s a picture of some JP DLC from last month, the Cucumber Horse:

Cucumber Horse

I should have displayed the Eggplant Cow with it, since the two items go together.  Oh well.  You can also see the KR DLC Shaved Ice Lamp in this pic.  Those were the DLC I got in August.  When September rolled around, NOA got really lazy.  I mean, REALLY lazy.  First they distributed the same Hopscotch Floor from last year.  Then, a week or two later, they distributed something for Grandparent’s Day:  a piece of candy.  Not anything special, just the same old piece of candy that you can buy from Tom Nook during October.  It was SO LAME!  I’m guessing NOA received a lot of backlash for that, because this week they released a new, cute and FUN DLC!  Yay!

Letter from Kapp'n?

Normally, when you get a new DLC item from Pete, he says, “You’ve got a letter from Nintendo!”  Not this time.  Instead, he said the letter was directly from Kapp’n!  Cute.  I didn’t know there was a drive-by mailbox for Kapp’n to toss letters in from his school bus.  Hehehehe!  😛  I was very excited to see what Kapp’n would possibly have to write about.  (It better not be full of more creepy advances!)  Here’s the letter:

Kapp'n's Letter

Soo… apparently now we’re supposed to believe that Kapp’n is/was a PIRATE?  I thought he was a simple driver/boatman.  One who takes people from one destination to another.  Apparently plundering goes on while we’re not looking?  lol  I don’t know WHY Nintendo released this DLC right now, but I can’t complain!  At least it’s cute!  I took a picture of it from my catalog, so you can see how much it COSTS!

Kapp'n Model

Yikes.  16,000 bells!  And that’s with my Platinum level Membership discount or whatever!  I don’t even wanna know how much it would be at full price.  D:  I guess that’s why Kapp’n said I could pretend that it was some pirate treasure – it’s certainly worth that much!

I don’t know of any new US DLC planned for the future.  Hopefully NOA will continue on the trend of releasing NEW, cute stuff, instead of re-hashing the same DLC from last year.  However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more DLC coming out!  As usual, Japan and South Korea have brand new DLC coming out this upcoming week!  Here’s the spoilers:


Yeah, sorry… I don’t know what it says or what it’s called.  But it’s definitely a shirt pattern.  And it’s coming out on Monday!  Yay!  I’ll try to get some more info about this and let you guys know.

Undoukai no kabe

The JP DLC is called うんどうかいのかべ (Undoukai no kabe) which means Sports Festival Wall.  Undoukai is a festival that is celebrated at the beginning of October.  Here’s some more info for you Japanese buffs!  I bet you guys think I can speak Japanese.  All I know how to do is read the alphabet!  The rest I figure out through google searches.  All it takes is a couple minutes and you can usually figure things out on your own!

Well that’s all the DLC news I have for now!  Check back soon for more updates!  😀

DLC Surprise!

It’s true, I haven’t played AC very often in the past month.  But recently I started playing a bit, since my sister is back from Florida and can now WIFI again!  I went to visit her town, Funville, last weekend and we both had bed head!

Bed Head!

Her town is so cute and… well, under-developed.  Cuz she doesn’t play that much.  Maybe calling her out like this in my public blog will get her butt in gear!  Lay down some path patterns, Rachel!!  😛  I planted a pink carnation by my other sister’s (Melissa) house, as she just started up a character in Funville recently.  Hopefully I will get Melissa’s friend code too!  😀  Anyway we decided to go back to Shaolin cuz I had some DLC shirt patterns that Rachel wanted to pickup from Able’s.  I also bought her a Kapp’n Cap while she was visiting.  Then she fell in a pitfall!  MUAHAHAHAHA!!!


Yesterday, I turned on AC just cuz I was bored.  It was worth it because waiting outside of Squirt’s door was none other than Pete the Pelican!  He was delivering a surprise letter from Nintendo!  I hadn’t seen Nintendo’s “This Month in Animal Crossing” July video on the Nintendo Channel so I just kinda forgot about it.  And so I was delighted to find a brand new DLC sent to my Wii!  Here’s the letter:

Letter from Nintendo

Icecream!!  YAY!  I was hoping this banana split would be in hat form, much like last year’s Hot Dog Hat.  And I was right!  BOO-YAH!  Wanna see the Banana Split Hat in action?  Of course you do.

Banana Split Hat

Now I feel like I need to resurrect my old barbeque themed room that I had last summer.  Better head over to Nook’s and start ordering crap…

I’m thinking that I will open the Shaolin Gates sometime this weekend so people overseas can come pick up this new US DLC.  Does anyone want to come?  Let me know!  😀