Kirby Star Allies: First Impressions

Finallyyyyyy today I had some time to play videogames! I’m still in the middle of Bayonetta 2, which I love. (If you like some action and bad ass sexy witches, definitely check out that series.) But when it comes to Kirby, I can’t say no. Just like Kirby can’t say no to another delicious cake!!! (OK I can’t say no to that either lol!)

The latest Kirby installment was just released for Nintendo Switch. I haven’t had a ton of time to play it yet, but I wanted to share my first impressions of the new changes in Kirby Star Allies. There are new features that breathe fresh air into the series and make it feel more modern, and a lot of fun!

Mixed abilities are back! You can add up to four allies to your team by throwing a heart at an enemy. If that team member is an elemental abilitly, like fire, you can combine this element with all of the other teammates! Fire yo-yos! Icy curling Kirby! It’s really fun to try out the different combinations.

The stage selection screen has an open world feel, with stars hiding in secret spots around the world. It’s big and fun to explore. You can easily see which stages need to be revisited and where a secret stage might be hiding!

Puzzle pieces!!! As you play through the game, keep a look out for puzzle pieces hiding all over the place. Then after you beat the stage, you fill in puzzles – just like in the StreetPass game on 3DS. That includes harder to find pink puzzle pieces that are in the center and I’m sure will be a challenge to complete! I love how something so cute and simple can increase the difficulty of this otherwise simple platformer. Kids and adults alike can have fun with this game.

There are lots of new friends to make, too! I’ve only added Waddle Dee so far, but Nintendo has announced that lots of cool characters will be added soon in an update coming at the end of the month. I’m super excited because some of the characters that are being added to Dream Friends are the helper friends from Kirby’s Dream Land 2 which I loved when I was a kid!

So are you a Kirby fan? Have you been playing this game too? What are your thoughts about this cute puffball fighter?


Prelude to the Goddesses Concert

Yesterday I attended the Legend of Zelda: Prelude to the Goddesses Concert at the Nintendo World Store!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Wait, what? Didn’t Glux already attend the Symphony of the Goddesses concert earlier this summer? Doesn’t the word prelude mean something that precedes, or comes before something else?” Well, you are correct! However, the concert I went to was in Philadelphia. The Symphony of the Goddesses is coming to NYC in November, so this was a little teaser event to get people excited about the show. This was a free event that was going to start at 6PM.

Prelude to the Goddesses Ticket

Of course, since this was an official Nintendo event in NYC, that means you have to get there really early just to get in! JDubz and I got there around 3:15 and they had already given out wristbands to the front of the line. Luckily we got in on the next batch that they handed out, but we weren’t able to get inside until well after 6PM. The Nintendo World Store is actually fairly small, and was pretty much at capacity with about 200 attendees.

The first part of the event was an Ocarina Workshop and a merchandise stand on the ground floor selling concert t-shirts, posters and even ocarinas! The workshop was pretty interesting; I have some videos of it up on YouTube. The quality isn’t great but I recorded it with my 3DS so… oh well! ūüėõ

Ocarina Guy starts playing Zelda music!

The guy giving the lecture was pretty kickass at playing Ocarina too! It was very interesting, but we had to rush upstairs because we wanted to get a decent spot for the concert. We ended up off to the side, but I tried my best to get as close as possible to the action!

The concert itself was very cool. The ensemble was only 6 instruments, compared to the full orchestra in the real Symphony. Since the store is small, the concert had a more intimate vibe. They played some Zelda staples, and also added some exclusive arrangements, like the theme from Beedle’s Shop, which isn’t in the set list of the Symphony of the Goddesses. (That I can remember anyway lol!)

Show Time!

I have to admit it was a long day of standing around and we were so beat that we ducked out of the concert early. But it was a lot of fun, we got to hang out with our friends at StreetPass NYC. I got a ton of StreetPasses of course, and I got all the puzzle pieces that I needed to complete the Kirby’s 20th Anniversary and New Super Mario Bros. 2 puzzles. Sweet!

In other news, I officially preordered Pokemon Black 2 and a Wii U! I was disappointed though, we tried to preorder the Wii U at GameStop and they said they were sold out already! So we did preorders at Best Buy, but that store isn’t as reliable, and they don’t do cool things like midnight launches. So if I hear that GameStop is accepting preorders again, I’ll switch my reservation. ūüėõ

NSMB2 & Nintendo Direct

*beep beep b-beep!  beep beep b-beep!*


I’m very excited to announce that last weekend, I beat the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game!¬† I’m so proud!¬† I’ve never beaten a Mario game on my own like this before, and while it was challenging, it wasn’t TOO hard so I didn’t get frustrated (which is usually what happened with me and other Mario games in the past) and I was able to show Bowser who’s boss!¬† And I didn’t even have to recruit JDubz [that much] to help me beat the game.


While the story mode might be “complete” I still have to collect all the Star and Moon coins, and unlock all the cannon and special stages.¬† So I’m still playing all the time.¬† Does anyone else play this game?¬† How many coins do you have?¬† I think I’m hovering in the range of 68,000 coins collected.¬† I know one guy who has over 500K already… so yeah there’s still a lot of work to be done!¬† Coin Rush certainly helps in that respect.

I have to say, this game is one of my favorite Super Mario games and one of my favorite 3DS games in general.¬† The 3D effect looks so cool in the side-scrolling platformer style.¬† While Super Mario 3D Land is cool, since you can explore the entire ‘world’, I like the simplicity of having a general idea of where I’m supposed to be heading (to the right!) and how to get there.¬† I think the new Power Ups in NSMB2 are MUCH cooler, such as the golden flower and the golden brick block.¬† Plus I have to throw in the fact that the background goal of collecting as many coins as possible makes it easier to collect extra lives.¬† (Currently I have over 330 lives without doing a single “cheat”!)

In other news, this morning (or rather, this evening, since this is from Japan) there was a new Nintendo Direct video… in Japanese.¬† That’s ok, it still showed some cool stuff and I wanna share it with you!

25th Anniversary Kirby Merch!

I’m not going to cover everything from the 45+ min presentation, just the two things I thought were majorly cool.¬† The first being that Iwata was holding a giant Kirby beach ball, and proceeded to show other cool merchandise to celebrate Kirby’s 25th Anniversary.¬† Now the question I have to ask is… will all this sweet Kirby stuff be available in the USA, or only in Japan?¬† And if it is coming stateside, is this the kinda stuff you’d find at Toys R Us, or do I have to go to Nintendo World to get exclusive Kirby merch?¬† Unfortunately I have no idea who has the answer to these questions lol.

And finally…¬† NEW ANIMAL CROSSING 3DS FOOTAGE!¬† Also, before you get your hopes up, a release date was only announced for Japan so far.¬† The JP release date is 11/8/2012.¬† *begin praying for a US announcement of the same date* (yeahh… I wish!)¬† Obviously I didn’t understand what Iwata was saying, but here’s some screenshots of the Animal Crossing presentation and what I’ve decided is going on in the pictures lol!

Another look into the Mayor’s office. I see a bonsai tree and some medals?

How to Buy a Bridge! (I am scared of those prices tho! lol)

Does this look familiar? It seems that the old Lost and Found building from ACGC is making a comeback!¬† Booker works here… what happened to Copper tho?

New Flower Shop! Apparently as the mayor, you can change the store hours so you can shop at night? Not sure. Vella, can you help me translate the word in this photo? ūüėõ

Photo Ops! This makes me hope and pray that screenshots will be a function in the new AC3DS game.

New House Designs. This just looks so much cooler than the houses in our current games!

Another look at the two new Alpaca characters that will run a boutique. So cute!!

A new way to share custom designs – QR Codes! Cool!

OK that’s all the info I’ve got about AC3DS for now.¬† Hopefully since the release date for Japan is so soon, this means more info will be available as the date gets closer.¬† And then when the game actually comes out, we’ll have plenty to be jealous about until the game becomes available to the US!¬† lol

What’s Next?

This is a “calm” time for me right now, in terms of video games.¬† There’s no HUGE title out there that I’m dying for, except for Pok√©mon Black and White 2, which doesn’t even come out until June…¬† and if I want to understand anything in the game, the North American version isn’t available until the fall.¬† So I’ve got some down time in terms of games right now, and I’m very happy about that!¬† I can play whichever games I need to catch up on, at my LEISURE, without the pressure of a big event that I need to be prepared for, or feeling obliged to complete a game before some new one comes out.¬† Ahh..

So here’s what’s on my plate.¬† I’m going to list my goals for some of my unfinished games, in hopes that by writing it down, it might actually become a to-do list that I can actually accomplish lol!

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising –¬† Earlier this week, I completed the story mode!¬† Hooray!¬† But I only completed it at level 3.¬† And there’s like a billion more weapons, powers, idols and achievements that I haven’t unlocked.¬† Not to mention all the AR cards I haven’t collected or scanned.¬† I’d like to at least be able to improve my skill and increase the difficulty level to hopefully level 5 or 6 someday?
  • Harvest Moon:¬† Tale of Two Towns – There is a TON of stuff I still have to accomplish in this game.¬† Sure, I reunited the two towns, opened the tunnel and all that.¬† But my character isn’t MARRIED yet (that’s like such a big deal in this game lol), I haven’t unlocked half of my farm’s features (such as a rice paddy, a seed maker or a flour mill), and there are lots of tasty dishes I haven’t cooked up yet!¬† There’s always plenty of work to do on a farm, I guess.
  • Pok√©mon SoulSilverSince I started this game late, I’m not even half way through at this point.¬† My goal here would be to beat the game, and unlock as many legendaries as possible.¬† I need the legendaries so that I’ll have spares to transfer over to the Gen V series games, such as B&W.¬† That way I can keep my fully completed Pok√©dex in HeartGold intact!
  • Mario Kart 7 – It’s somewhat embarrassing for me to admit this, considering how much I had dominated in MK Wii, but I never beat this game.¬† I still have to get gold on the Special Cup to unlock Metal Mario and stuff.¬† And I’ve never really used the racing community features in this game.¬† Not to mention all the ghost time trial StreetPass stuff that I’d like to finish!
  • Sonic Generations – I’m not huge into Sonic or anything, but this game is cute and I’ve barely dented it.¬† I’ll probably never beat this game but making progress always gives me a sense of satisfaction, so I’ll keep this one in my mini 3DS games case, should I feel inspired to play a few rounds.¬† This game, in general, is pretty tough and I didn’t have a SEGA growing up, so it’s all kinda alien to me.¬† It’d probably be easier if I knew the right path to take to complete each board lol!
  • Spirit Camera – I’m expecting to get this game for my birthday on Saturday.¬† Since it’s an AR game, I am kind of assuming it’s gonna be one of those “high on graphics, low on gameplay” kinda games.¬† I know the 3D and ghost-hunting aspects of the game will be AWESOMEEEE but not really sure if the game has anything to offer in terms of replay value.¬† My goal for this game is to just enjoy it, and hopefully beat it.
  • Pok√©mon Emerald – Might as well throw a GBA game into the mix.¬† I’ve gotten about half way through this game, and it’s really awesome for an older generation game.¬† You can really see how some ideas from Emerald were evolved into newer features in the modern games.¬† So I’d like to complete this game, and see which legendaries I can harvest from it.¬† YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY LEGENDARIES!!!¬† lol
  • Mario Party 9 – Now onto Wii games.¬† I’d like to unlock all the boards in this game, and hopefully beat the Solo mode.¬† But I don’t really play on my Wii that much so I have no idea when I’ll actually accomplish this!¬† ūüėõ
  • Kirby’s Return to Dreamland – This Wii game is so freaking awesome, it’s really a shame that I’m letting it collect dust on my shelf right now.¬† I’d love to complete the story mode in this game, and unlock as many parts of the spaceship as possible.¬† This game is a lot of fun, but even MORE fun if you take advantage of the co-op game play options, so maybe I’ll take it to JDubz’s house and we’ll try to beat the game together.
  • Super Paper Mario – I rented this game back in like 2008 when it first came out.¬† Then I got kind of lost in the game (the story line is VERY long and the worlds are huge and you can quickly get confused) and gave up and sent it back to GameFly.¬† Ever since Paper Mario 3D was announced, I’ve been itching to give this Wii version a second chance.¬† I even got the Nintendo Selects edition of this game for Christmas… but I still have yet to take it out of the plastic wrap.¬† So my goal in that game would be to start over and try to actually beat it this time!

Wow…¬† that list came out wayyyy longer than I thought.¬† I highly doubt I’ll be reaching every one of these goals by June 23rd, but hey no rush!¬† This is about relaxing and just doing my thing.

Do you have any goals for your video games?¬† Which games have you kind of overlooked lately?¬† Let me know your goals too!¬† ūüôā

Cool Stuff!

Guess what everyone?  I have cool stuff to share!  Or cool stuff to make you jealous with, depending on your situation lol!

First of all, last week I received an early Christmas present from Nintendo. ¬†It was my Club Nintendo Platinum Status reward! ¬†The 2011 rewards for Club Nintendo were either a Desk Calendar (Gold Status – I got a very similar one last year) or a Super Mario 8-Bit Pin Set (Platinum Status). ¬†Obviously I had to go for the exclusive Pin Set, and it has finally arrived! ¬†Here are the photos I took – sorry for the glare in the pictures! ¬†It has a plastic casing around it and I didn’t want to take it off.

Platinum Pin Set

Here you can see most of the pins. ¬†They are really cute! ¬†I was going to pin them onto my Super Mario duffel bag but I think I’m just going to keep it in this display case thing. ¬†Why? ¬†Cuz look at the other side!

Super Mario!

The backside of each row of pins comes together to create a large 8-bit Super Mario graphic! ¬†It’s just too cool. ¬†Maybe it’ll be rare and collectible someday. ¬†I’m keeping it in the case lol!

So if that wasn’t enough to make you jealous (unless you already got this same Platinum reward hehe) I have a unique, one-of-a-kind goodie to gloat about! ¬†My awesome boyfriend JDubz MADE me a¬†Pok√©mon out of perler beads!


Is that not the coolest? ¬†Stunfisk rules! ¬†And now I have a Stunfisk of my own! ¬†I’m ¬†working on making him a present too… I don’t know if it’s gonna be as cool as this though. ¬†I put in a request for a Team Plasma emblem made out of perler beads too. ¬†I’ll post all future projects for you to see! ¬†ūüôā

Jealous yet? ¬†If you have a 3DS, I have some news that will make you feel better. ¬†(If you don’t have a 3DS, this might make you wish you had one!) ¬†The full list of 3DS Ambassador games has FINALLY been released, with rumors that the games will be made available to us this Friday, 12/16! ¬†Fingers crossed! ¬†Here’s the list of games that will be FREE for all Ambassadors:

  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
  • Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi‚Äôs Island
  • Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Wario Land 4
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames

I’m pretty psyched for Yoshi’s Island, Minish Cap, Kirby, Mario Kart and Wario Land! ¬†But with all the amazing games that I have right now, like Harvest Moon and Mario Kart 7, when will I have time to play these?

By the way, here’s something that almost every Nintendo fan can enjoy. ¬†Club Nintendo recently had a big design overhaul. ¬†So log on to Club Nintendo¬†today and see the new rewards and stuff! ¬†Enjoy!

Quick PGL Post

Hi all!¬† I don’t have much time to write.¬† Been so busy juggling Pok√©mon Rumble Blast, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, and three jobs that there’s barely any time to blog.¬† However, I just wanted to jot this down.¬† Mostly for my own purposes but whatever.¬† It’s about how to attempt to find your friends on the¬†Pok√©mon Global Link website.¬† Apparently when you are on the PGL, your profile is on a specific server.¬† If your friends aren’t on that same server, they can’t be your Dream World friend.¬† (Lame!)¬† So here’s the info on how to find out what server you’re on, and how to search for friends on that server:

FAQ from Bulbagarden

OK so I have both Black and White, and I made two PGL accounts for them.


  • ‚Äúmember_savedata_id‚ÄĚ:‚Äú[7662693]‚ÄĚ
  • ‚Äúworld_id‚ÄĚ:‚Äú[1]‚ÄĚ


  • ‚Äúmember_savedata_id‚ÄĚ:‚Äú[8822118]‚ÄĚ
  • ‚Äúworld_id‚ÄĚ:‚Äú[4]‚ÄĚ

As you can see, I can’t even visit MYSELF in the PGL because my two games’ profiles are on different servers.¬† Are any of you out in the interwebs on either server 1 or server 4 of the PGL?¬† Please let me know so we can be friends!¬† ūüôā

Pokémon Rumble Blast!

Rumble Blast Time!

Well I am a happy little camper right now! ¬†Yesterday I had a super fun day in the city – JDubs and I went to the Nintendo World Store [again!] to attend the pre-release event for¬†Pok√©mon Rumble Blast! ¬†I’m not going to lie – the event last week at Comic Con was cooler.

The biggest aspect of this past Sunday’s event was the fact that you could purchase the new¬†Pok√©mon Rumble Blast game one day before other stores have it available. ¬†(That was reason enough for me!) ¬†They also gave me a few new AR marker cards, which is always cool. ¬†The swag was all the same as last week’s, including the drawstring bag, t-shirts and the map/chart from the B&W Guide.

While the ‘event’ wasn’t that eventful, I did go on a mini-awesome shopping spree. ¬†I’ll try to remember to take photos of the cute stuff I got, including a Pikachu t-shirt, a Goomba knit cap, and a New Super Mario Bros. tote bag.

What’s important is that I’ve got¬†Pok√©mon Rumble Blast in my hot little fist! ¬†I’ve been kind of blowing through the game, but I will attest that the Battle Royales are no joke! ¬†You really need high powered¬†Pok√©mon to succeed! ¬†JDubs, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, opted to preorder his Rumble Blast from GameStop so that we could get the special edition¬†Pok√©mon pin set as well. ¬†He was pretty jealous that he couldn’t play the game yesterday with me though! ¬†ūüôā

Sadly for me, I have work today. ¬†We have a new intern in my office so I can’t even sneak my 3DS into my lap for discreet slacking off… ¬†so I can’t quite play while I’m at work. ¬†But after work, we are going straight to GameStop to get JDubs’ copy, and I’ll be picking up my new “Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” Wii game, which also comes out today. ¬†I got to play Kirby’s new game a little bit at the Nintendo World Store – it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!! ¬†There are ‘super abilities’ and they are so kick ass. ¬†OMFG.

A Kirby Super Ability

Good Times at Nintendo World

Hi again!¬† This past weekend I went with my bf JDubs to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!¬† He’d never been there before, so it was extra fun to take him for the first time.

Star Fox Glux

First thing we noticed was a Star Fox photo op thingy!¬† Of course I had to jump in there and practice my “make a stupid face” photo modeling techniques.

We went through the Pok√©mon floor, which is the bottom floor of the store.¬† I showed him the super cute Pikachu DSi charging stand, which is awesome but I can’t use it with my Nerf armor.¬† JDubs got me a SWEET green Nerf armor for my 3DS and I am SO HAPPY!¬† I’ll take a picture and show you guys later…. (I’m at work now lol)

Next we went upstairs where I found an amazingly cute Kirby shirt.¬† It was a youth-sized shirt but I managed to find one that fits me and it’s ADORABLE!¬† Again… photo pending.¬† I didn’t take a pic at the time lol.¬† It’s so great tho, you’ll all be jealous.

As we were leaving, we noticed there were giant AR markers on the floor by the entrance.  JDubs took a couple of shots of me attempting to interact with invisible Link and Mario models.  Check it out!  XD

Mario, Me and Link

Link showing me his Rupee.

Innit so cute??  I am still working on taking some cute AR Halloween photos.  Keep on the lookout for that.

Also, I don’t have time to post about this now but there are some exciting festivities coming up at the Nintendo World Store both this weekend (with Comic Con in NYC) and on October 23rd (a pre-release party for Pok√©mon Rumble Blast) so I will post the info about that when I get a chance.¬† Hopefully I’ll be able to attend both events too!¬† I better not have work… *grumble*

OK I’ll post more later!¬† It was an awesome time and I recommend everyone get their butts over to the Nintendo World Store in NYC!

New Pokémon Updates!

Well, I’ve been trying not to be TOO busy lately, but it’s tough. ¬†I’ve got three part time jobs, I have a new [totally awesome gamer] boyfriend and I’m SUPER close to beating Kirby Mass Attack. ¬†But just because I have a lot going on doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to read my monthly Nintendo Power and tell you about any interesting news that I might discover!

So today, there’s some things you should know about¬†Pok√©mon if you haven’t heard them already!

Pokemon News

Pokemon News!

  1. Pokémon Rumble Blast is coming out in 20 days!  SQUEEEEEEE!!!
  2. PGL Update! ¬†On September 28th, the PGL added a new area to explore, called the Spooky Manor. ¬†There’s a new mini game in this haunted area, and you can befriend many more ghost-types to send to your Black and White games!
  3. Speaking of befriending ghost-type¬†Pok√©mon, there’s an exclusive Banette that you can download from the PGL by entering the code “NPCHARACTER” in the Promotions area. ¬†This Banette is special because it has the move Cotton Guard, which raises defense! ¬†(Though personally I don’t need a reason to download any exclusive¬†Pok√©mon. ¬†I just gotta catch em all!)
  4. If you didn’t see it already, there has been a slight update to the¬†Pok√©dex 3D app for 3DS users. ¬†To download the update, open the¬†Pok√©dex and click on the Menu (gear button). ¬†Scroll down and there is an Update button to click on. ¬†This update will unlock features that have previously been somewhat impossible to get, because they require you to have a set number of stickers in your sticker book. ¬†I say this somewhat impossible because I have been stuck on 120 of 120¬†Pok√©mon in my ‘Dex… ¬†I don’t get anymore¬†Pok√©mon via SpotPass, and I can’t use markers to download the missing entries. ¬†So I don’t know how I’m supposed to get them all. ¬†Oh well, at least this update allows me to play with all the extra features (such as a pause button, an action button, etc!)
Since Halloween is coming up, I think it’s cool that the PGL opened up a haunted house. ¬†I love this holiday! ¬†It’s so fun, I might even take the time to play with Jack the Pumpkin King in ACCF! ¬†Do you have any fun Halloween plans? ¬†There’s a section in Nintendo Power magazine where they ask you to submit your Nintendo related fan photos and such. ¬†I am going to try my best to take some Halloween themed AR photos and share them with you! ¬†If you have a cute photo of your Mii in a pumpkin patch, or maybe just a great photo from Halloween in ACCF, please share them with me on Twitter! ¬†I’ll put them on the blog for everyone to see! ¬†ūüôā

Kirby Mass Attack!

Kirby's VS Minx

Kirby's VS Minx

For those who don’t know, there’s a new Kirby game out for Nintendo DS. ¬†It’s called “Kirby Mass Attack” and it’s really cute! ¬†I picked it up last week when I was at Toys R Us for the Zoroark event. ¬†(Got my snarlin’ Zoroarks but I haven’t actually picked them up in the game’s PokeCenter yet. ¬†All in good time!)

This new Kirby game was released on 9/19, just in time to get everyone back in the puffball mood. ¬†I know I am! ¬†This is leading up to the much anticipated release of “Kirby’s Return to Dream Land” which is the newest Wii platform game, coming out on 10/24. ¬†And what do you know, that’s the same release date as “Pok√©mon Rumble Blast!” ¬†Guess I’ll be picking up two games that day! ¬†Also in the forecast is “Harvest Moon: ¬†Tale of Two Towns,” coming out on 10/12. ¬†I hope I don’t have to work too much so I’ll have time to play all these games! ¬†ūüôā

Well Kirby Mass Attack is what I’m playing now and the game is REALLY fun. ¬†It uses classic Kirby style graphics and bright colors. ¬†The game controls are very similar to “Kirby Canvas Curse.” ¬†But the main difference between Mass Attack and other Kirby games is that your goal is to obtain and control up to ten mini-Kirby’s at one time! ¬†The story tells that Kirby had been attacked and was separated into miniature versions of himself. ¬†You’d think that all these Kirby’s would make the game easier, but it’s often a puzzle in itself. ¬†I find myself controlling some Kirby’s to move an object, while other Kirby’s run to retrieve precious fruits and gold coins. ¬†They need to work together as a team in order to succeed and it’s no cake walk!

I’ve only made it up to Level 3 so far but I’m really enjoying the game and I’d definitely recommend that everyone check it out! ¬†If you’d like some more info, visit the Mass Attack Website! ¬†And if you’re wondering why I posted a picture of my cat Twinkie being attacked by several Kirby’s, and maybe you’re also wondering how you can do that to your photos too, visit the Kirby Smashifyer!