What destroys grass? Just running? Or running AND walking?

Unfortunately, both running AND walking destroys the grass. This is especially true in the fall and winter seasons. For more information on grass erosion and how to grow it back, check out a guide that I wrote on this subject: https://gluxbox.wordpress.com/guides/grass-guide/

Hope this helps! ūüėÄ

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Are dandelions weeds or flowers in Animal crossing? I have Wild World and City Folk, and I’ve never been really clear on that.

Dandelions are technically weeds. Yes, you can pick them and display them in your house while they are still in the yellow flowering stage. BUT if left outside, they will eventually turn into a puff of pollen, which when picked, cannot be planted again. (Though it does turn into a fun little puff that you can hold in your hard and blow away.)

Ask me about Animal Crossing or other videogames!

Is there a way to make animal neighbors move out of your town faster? I’ve tried hitting them, I’ve tried yelling at them, but it doesn’t work!

Here’s what I’ve done to get a neighbor to leave. Continue to hit them (I prefer smacking them with my net – walk up behind them and SHAKE the Wii Remote! It’s the more sure-fire way to hit them without accidentally starting a conversation), and also push them around whenever you see them. DO NOT talk to them, don’t start a conversation, and if you see them notice you and try to talk to you, ignore them and walk away. Also, if you see them walking near you, bury some pitfall seeds by their feet and let them fall into pitfall after pitfall. You can also try filing a complaint about the townie at the Town Hall Civic Center… thought I’m not entirely sure if that actually does anything. Couldn’t hurt tho. Hope this helps! I actually mentioned this in one of my blogs, read here if you’re interested: https://gluxbox.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/strange-visitor-bacon-bullying/

Ask me about Animal Crossing or other videogames!