Week of 3/31 – 4/6

Wasabi Pranks Mayor Neko!

This week was quite the exciting one for the town of Wasabi!  After an exhilarating Bunny Day (see the special issue will full coverage of this fun holiday!), more surprises were in store for Mayor Neko!  The following day, 4/1, was April Fool’s Day!  It seemed as though all the townies were in on the joke, and poor Mayor Neko was the one being pranked!  There was a mysterious character in town that day, a white cat with no face!  This cat reminded Mayor Neko of a character she’d once heard of, called Blanca.  However, this mystery person was not Blanca, as you cannot draw on their face, and also this character seemed like a boy.  Let’s call him Blanco instead.  He was working with the townies to prank the Mayor.  Every time Mayor Neko stepped into a townie’s house, there seemed to be clones in each home!  Blanco was impersonating each villager, and it was up to Mayor Neko to determine who was the real townie and who was the fake.  (Not being able to understand Japanese made this quite a difficult feat!)

Here’s how it works:  You walk into a townie’s home.  If you see two of the townie (see above photo, there were two Wendy’s inside!) then you know an elaborate prank is in the works.  When you talk to the townie-clones, they will begin to argue with each other, seemingly trying to convince you that they each are the legitimate townie.  If you are observant enough, the townies will drop hints to show their true identity.  They might mention their birthday, or use their special catch-phrase to help you figure out who is the real townie.  But Blanco won’t make it easy, he’ll do his best to make you second-guess your choice!  But if you choose right, you will get an AMAZING prize – a framed photo of the townie!

Mayor Neko did pretty well for herself, securing the photos of Wendy, Anthony and Agent S.  Unfortunately she did not guess correctly when she was at her best friend’s house, King.  That was awkward.


Though she thought it might be a prank at first, Mayor Neko was happy to learn that her latest donation to the Wasabi Museum was in fact a real work of art on 4/1!  While the Wasabi News team is not sure of the actual name of it, the latest exhibit in the Art section of the Museum includes a famous sculpture of what could very well be an alien.  Or, if you’re a Pokemon fan, it kind of looks like a Claydol!  Either way, it’s a real artwork and it’s on display at the Wasabi Museum!

Only a few short days later, on 4/4, Mayor Neko had another stroke of luck, and picked out a lovely still-life painting that was also legitimate!  Blathers was beside himself in disbelief!  Mayor Neko has had quite a good eye at picking out historical artworks lately!  Keep up the good work, Mayor!


Right on schedule, the latest Public Works project was completed on 4/2!  This new facility is a Japanese Lamp Post, the first of likely many light posts which will brighten up the town at night.  This Japanese Lamp Post is located just off to the left of the Town Hall, and is located between to the two small ponds in that area of town.  It should make pond-fishing a little easier at night!  Safety first!  After the celebration of the newest Public Works project, Mayor Neko was surprised to see some strange new requests in her folder at Town Hall.  Take a look at what some of the Wasabi Townies have requested to add to their town:

An oil rig??? Seems a bit industrial for the pretty town, don’t you think?
A giant shoe? Is an old woman going to move into it with her many children, so she won’t know what to do?
Smartly, the Mayor opted to add the third and final bridge in Wasabi. This bridge is located conveniently at the center of town, and will be called Central Bridge.


After last week’s fashion-fiasco, you could probably imagine how Mayor Neko felt when she saw that Gracie Grace had returned to Wasabi on 4/2.  Especially since the Mayor was still running around in her silly bunny costume from over the weekend.  Rather curtly, she spoke to Gracie to find out what fashion disaster ensemble he wanted to see this time.  After a bit of sleuthing (and asking Mayor Aya to help translate) it was determined that Gracie wanted to see a Fancy Outfit.  Quickly, Mayor Neko rushed to see what Mayor Aya might be able to lend her, so that she could pass this fashion evaluation.

Together the Mayors looked at Mayor Aya’s Fashion Closet at the Shakure Museum.  She had rows and rows of clothes lined up.  Apparently there are lots of different clothes for each “style” that Gracie might ask for, and Mayor Aya had taken the time to organize the themed clothes that she has – just for this sort of occasion!  How thoughtful!  Mayor Neko asked if she could borrow the fancy outfit.  Mayor Aya agreed and told her to meet back in Wasabi for the outfit.  It was very exciting!

When Mayor Neko realized what outfit was deemed in the “fancy” category, she was a bit surprised.  Out of all the clothes in AC:NL, including expensive outfits from the GracieGrace store, this is what a fancy outfit consists of??

Mayor Neko, as “The Un-enthused Fancy Santa”.

Was this another one of Gracie’s attempts at making the Mayor look ridiculous?  At this point, the Mayor was out of options and trusted Mayor Aya’s research.  She took a deep breath and walked up to Gracie, bracing herself for another poor review.  Mayor Aya stood by her side, like a good friend, offering emotional support!

Luckily, this time around, Mayor Neko passed the test!  Gracie spun around, did a bit of a happy dance, and yelled something in big letters!  That has to be a good thing, right?  When Mayor Neko was not handed a prize, both Mayors freaked out and panicked a bit.  Then Mayor Neko realized her pockets were full, so she dropped a few things on the ground and spoke to Gracie once again.  This time, Mayor Neko was rewarded with a very rare and EXPENSIVE furniture item – a Princess Table!  Hooray!  That’s one positive fashion evaluation, bringing the town of Wasabi slightly closer to unlocking the renowned Department Store upgrade for the Nook Son’s Store.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Mayor Aya; without her assistance, this would have been another fashion disaster!

This photo depicts many things: On the left, we have the new Princess Table, holding some of the framed photos that Mayor Neko received on April Fool’s Day. Also pictured, the rest of the Egg Series and more framed photos of townies.


Another April Birthday to celebrate!  This past week, on 4/5, Mayor Neko was happy to attend yet another Townie Birthday Party!  This time it was everyone’s favorite deer, Petey’s birthday!  Mayor Neko scrambled to find some wrapping paper, and rushed over to Petey’s house on the east side of Wasabi.  Once again, she walked in to see King as the #1 Party-Goer, celebrating with young Petey.  It seems that King is a real party animal!  (womp-womp)  Many happy returns, Petey!


More DLC has been released!  This week we had two new items, one from the Post Office, which was a Sakura Clock.  The second was delivered via a letter from Nintendo, and was the latest Campus DLC series installment.  The newest furniture item was a Protractor Table.  Mayor Neko did her best to finally set up her DLC room, which is a bit cramped but fit just about everything inside.  In the photo you can see this week’s newest items, although the clock is a bit cut off.


  • 5/5/13 – Boy’s Day
    • Meet Shizue at the Town Plaza for a special item!
    • Photo Board and Paper Hats for all!
  • 5/12/13 – Mother’s Day
    • Check your mailbox for a letter from your Mom!
    • She might send you a special packet of seeds!
  • 5/18/13 – Fishing Tournament
    • Catch the best fish in town!
    • Win a trophy if you’re in the top three!







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