New Discoveries in わさび!

Mayor’s Log


There was a lot of excitement in Wasabi this morning.  The first thing I noticed was a fancy purple tent set up in the Town Plaza.  Not sure what to expect, I ventured inside.  Sitting at a low, purple table, surrounded by candles, books and clay pots was an exotic looking cat (panther?).  King Squirt once said that she is a fortune teller who goes by Katrina, and used to have a shop set up in the city by Shaolin.  I guess she’s a traveling fortune teller now?  Without knowing what she would say, I agreed to pay ฿300 (I forget exactly… but it wasn’t much) to have my fortune read.

I have no idea what my fortune was.  But she put me in a trance of some kind and we flew off to outerspace and there were lights and circles and stars…  It looked epic.  The only change I noticed for the rest of the day was that there were more balloons floating overhead so I guess that was my fortune?

When I made my way up to the strip mall, I noticed (and heard) a lot of construction going on!  There’s a big blue tarp covering up something but I think I know what it’s going to be – a new Flower Shop!  I can’t wait to finally be able to buy flower seeds tomorrow!

Another exciting thing that happened this morning was when I went to donate fossils to the museum.  Turns out I finally completed my first dinosaur fossil!  I forget what it’s called (yeahh I have no idea) but here it is, in it’s completed glory!

A little later on, we had our first snow flurry in Wasabi!  I thought it was so cute, the lil brother Shih-tzu (I really need to learn their names.  It’s getting awkward.) was wearing an adorable little raincoat!  I love this guy.  He’s too cute!

Unfortunately the snow didn’t last.  Only a few hours later the sun was out and my townies were feeling frisky.  Wendy suggested that we all play Hide and Seek!  How fun!  I guess they took it easy on me, because I found them all fairly quickly.

I think Wendy, the sheep resident, is really cool.  But I didn’t really know enough about her – and I realized I’d never even been inside her house!  So I made it a point to visit her while she was home so I could check out her digs.  That was when I had a major realization about Wendy.

I stepped inside her house to find an adorable Cafe/Diner set up.  At first I was thinking, “What the heck…?” but then I took a closer look at her.

Is it just me, or is Wendy’s head made out of a stack of hamburgers?  And wait – she’s not a piñata… her body is made of FRENCH FRIES!  She’s actually THE WENDY, of Wendy’s Restaurants fame!  Now I see Wendy in a whole new light.  And that new light makes me hungry…


Today I discovered that the Delicious Cherry Tree I’d planted was finally fully grown!  Aren’t my delicious cherries beautiful?  I almost don’t want to pick them.  (But I did lol.)

I also discovered my first hybrid flower – an orange daisy!

On top of that, I also received my very first BADGE!  I assume it’s for fishing.  I was so proud!

I also ran into the newest resident of Wasabi.  I didn’t catch his name.  I might have purposely not paid attention lol!  Also… I really don’t like him.  He’s ugly and stupid looking.  😦

Finally, to end the day correctly, I finally paid off my house loan!  How exciting!  Now I can upgrade my house once again.  Can’t wait to see how much that will cost me…


Today I was very busy, so I didn’t get to explore much around Wasabi.  😦

However, there was one HUGE thing that happened!  I was so excited!  I got my first StreetPass visitor!!

Her name is… uh…  anybody’s guess.  But here’s a photo of her house, which is much larger and more glamorous than my own.  Feast your eyes!

Wow she has almost the full mermaid set!  And a 7-Eleven sign!  I didn’t get a chance to take pics of every room.  Some of the rooms were unfinished, and I was too busy ordering as much as I could from her catalog to remember to take more pics.  But the best thing about StreetPass is that I can go bother this random girl and invade her house whenever I want!  Awesome!

Right before bed, I realized that the new East Side Bridge was complete!  We had a quick little celebration for the bridge and then I went to sleep.  Tomorrow was going to be a big day – the Fishing Tournament!


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