Welcome to わさび (Wasabi)!

Mayor’s Log


Sleeping in a tent is not good for my back.  No surprise that I wasn’t feeling my best this morning.  For some reason I was repeatedly tripping and falling flat on my face all morning.

Needless to say, my first priority was to give Tom Nook my down payment on an actual house.  I gave him ฿10,000 (yes that’s right, I’ve decided ฿ will be the currency symbol for Bells) and was told that my house would be ready tomorrow.  Not sure how he will manage to construct a house overnight but I’m excited!

I thought that for today it would be nice to get to know the residents of Wasabi.  Unfortunately since I don’t speak the language, I’m struggling to learn their names.  But here’s the current Wasabi Town Census:

  • たいへいた (Taiheita?) – A friendly, large brown Bear.  I’m just going to call him Teddy.
  • 2ごう (2-Go?) – This Squirrel is a familiar face to me.  King Squirt told me that she once lived in Shaolin, and called herself Agent S.
  • リリィ (Ri-Rii) – She is a tall, blue Wolf.  We are neighbors and I see her quite often.
  • キンプ (Kinpu?) – The majestic, royal Lion of Wasabi.  I’ll call him Kingypoo.  The inside of his house looks very regal, he has a throne and everything!
  • ペーター (Paytah) – A delightful young male Deer.  I guess his name is Peter?  We’ll stick with that for now.

I noticed that a piece of land had been sectioned off, meaning that another resident would be moving in soon.  How exciting!

Besides meeting all the townies, I also spent a good amount of time working to improve my town by picking weeds and planting fruit trees.  This apparently pleased my Shih-tsu assistant, because she started raving about how I needed to keep up the good work and obtain 100 points.  Town points?  Mayor points?  I have no idea.  After all this hard Mayor-ly work, I thought it might be nice to unwind.  I spoke with Yumi and she said she could open Kasen’s town gates so I could come and see the K.K. Slider acoustic set, which he performs only on Saturday nights.  Clearly I didn’t want to miss this!  (Especially since we have yet to open up a nightclub in Wasabi…)

The show was great.  Kokuto came along as well.  Here’s just a few photos:

Yumi sure has some sweet dance moves!  She learned how to do a lot of cute moves from a stand-up comedian named Dr. Shrunk.  Unfortunately he only performs for an audience of one, and only works during the day.  My best bet will be to open up my own nightclub in Wasabi if I want to be able to dance like Yumi.  Another addition for my Mayor’s To Do List!

After the show we took a quick trip to Kasen’s Resort Island and played a few Island Tours.  I was able to buy a cute sailor cap.  But now it’s time for bed – my last night sleeping in a tent!



Oh Glorious Day!  I have an actual HOUSE now!

Yes, it’s still just as cramped but I have a roof.  And a door.  No more brisk drafty winds for me!  I spoke with Tom Nook and, yesterday he apparently neglected to tell me that I still owed him ฿98,000 for the house.  Ugh.  I figure if I do enough fishing around town, I should be able to pay it off fairly soon.  Then I heard that there was a visitor in town named Joan, who was selling turnips for the stalk market!  Now that’s a good way to make some money!

Unfortunately the buying price for turnips this week was pretty high – ฿108 per turnip.  I opted to just buy ten.  Hopefully I will be able to sell them for a decent profit later this week!

The new resident moved in today.  Her name is ウエンディ(Yu-in-dee?).  She is a yellow Sheep that kind of looks like a piñata.  I think I’ll call her “Windy.”

For most of the day, I was fishing and earning money to pay off my house loan.  (I eventually made it!  Hooray!  Then Tom Nook began saying something about how my house was too small and I should expand it…  I think I agreed.  Most likely will be in debt again tomorrow, but with a larger room in my home!)  But in the afternoon, I popped over to Kasen once again.  Today she had a friend named Zen over, and we all hung out in the well-stocked Kasen Museum.

Have I mentioned that I’ve been taking loads of photos?  But there are just too many to include in my log.  The rest are posted on Flickr.

After having fun at the Museum, I headed back to Wasabi.  There’s always more to explore!  I was hanging out by my house, looking at the waterfall from the edge of the cliff where my house is situated.  I noticed that off to the north was a beach area I hadn’t noticed before.  I’ve decided to call it “Secret Beach.”  I say it’s a secret because there’s only one way to get there – by swimming!  I pulled my wet suit from my closet and braced myself for the freezing ocean water.

I mean, as far as beaches go, Secret Beach isn’t very glamorous.  The train tracks are right above, as well as the metal bridge that the train crosses to get to the next town.  But it’s still special to me ♥.  It’s an exclusive beach that only those who are privy to the info and have the proper equipment can visit!  Since I was swimming around anyway, I started diving for some rare fish and crustaceans.  Now the Wasabi Museum is looking a little better!  It’s nothing like the museum of Kasen but these things don’t happen overnight.  🙂

More to come tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to わさび (Wasabi)!

  1. Yay for the new house! Now you can be forever in debt like the rest of us. 😉 I paid off 598,000 bells last night thanks to your stalk market but today got myself in for another 498,000.

    Also, the reading for the sheep believe it or not is Wendy. The ウェ makes a “weh” sound. The lion is キング “King” (gu グnot pu プ very similar and the dots are hard to distinguish on a DS) in the English game that’s “Elvis”.

    1. gluxbox

      Thanks for the pronunciations lol! I find it hard to tell which little variation of the letter is which cuz the font is small. :-/

      I never had King before. His house is awesome, u have to take a look!

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