Guest Blog: どうぶつの森 [Animal Crossing] Scoop!

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While there’s still no firm release date for the new Animal Crossing, the July 2012 edition of ファミ通ディス+ウイ says it’s slated to arrive in autumn. Exactly when in autumn is still a mystery. It also featured several intriguing pictures. One that piques my interest is that of an adorable little pink alpaca in a shop.

Alpacas in AC3DS? Is she the only one?

Of course, there’s also new furniture in the shot, but I’m more interested in taking the alpaca home with me. A visit to the city in City Folk included a stop to get your shoes shined so that hopefully they would match your outfit. The magazine shows a shot of our beloved shoe shiner doing very well for himself working in a shoe store and selling all manner of shoes—even boots. Hooray for stomping through the rain!

I will take those little pink numbers please.

While it’s purely speculation on the part of the magazine, the next picture looks suspiciously like a mayor’s office. What I really want to know is what happened to Tortimer whose picture hangs on the wall in the background.

Your aid looks like she’s awaiting orders: “Fetch me some of Brewster’s coffee servant!…I mean…”

The last shot just shows a character waiting at a bus stop. A very different little bus stop from those we’ve seen in City Folk. But, apparently that means the city will be returning. Viva la shopping!

Waiting to go to the city? (And buy some swanky boots?)

While these don’t make up for AC not even being mentioned at E3, I’m happy to see that they’re still excited about the series in Japan. I only hope our wait over in the states isn’t much longer after Autumn. Holiday season 2012 maybe? *crosses fingers*

– Written by Guest Blogger Jenn

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Editor’s Note:  All the screenshots posted above are also found in a YouTube video of a Japanese episode of Nintendo Direct that was featuring Animal Crossing: Jump Out!  If you’re curious to watch it, check it out here!

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: どうぶつの森 [Animal Crossing] Scoop!

  1. Well, Tortimer did talk about retiring since the GameCube version xD
    This looks really cute. I thought i was done with AC, but this makes me want to play again. Too bad my eyes and the 3DS aren’t very compatible 😦

  2. I haven’t given up on AC3DS being released here in the US. I’m very optomistic that it will be coming out just unsure of when. The sooner the better of course but I’m sure Nintendo wouldn’t shelf such a beloved franchise and upset it’s devoted fans. I’m hoping we will hear more in the future or at least after the Japan release, then they have to tell us something!! Oh and that little pink alpaca is adorable! Maybe she/he is like Gracie and is a special character and may be the only one in town! They keep teasing us with these pictures, I’m super excited!!

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